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Gundam Reconguista in G is a manga written and illustrated by Tomon Ota published by Kadokawa Shoten and serialized in Gundam Ace magazine in 2014.


It is set in Regild Century, the era set after the Universal Century, and it will follow the adventures of a pilot trainee named Bellri Zenam in the Capital Guard, an organization protecting a space elevator.


Volume 1

  • Episode 01: The Pirate Woman in the G-Self
  • Episode 02: G-Self, Start Up!
  • Episode 03: The Pressure of Montero
  • Episode 04: The Enemy is the Capital Army

Volume 2

  • Episode 05: Dellensen, A Fearsome Foe!
  • Episode 06: The Mask Corps's Fierce Assault (Part I)
  • Episode 07: The Mask Corps's Fierce Assault (Part II)
  • Episode 08: Father, Mother and Mask

Volume 3

  • Episode 09:
  • Episode 10:
  • Episode 11:
  • Episode 12:

Volume 4

  • Episode 13:
  • Episode 14:
  • Episode 15:
  • Episode 16:

Volume 5

  • Episode 17:
  • Episode 18:
  • Episode 19:


Capital Army/Capital Guard/Capital Territory

Amerian Army/Pirate Corps


List of Mechanics

Capital Army/Capital Guard

Mobile Weapons

Vehicles and Support Units


Vehicles and Support Units

Amerian Army/Pirate Corps

Mobile Weapons

Vehicles and Support Units


Mobile Weapons

Vehicles and Support Units


Picture Gallery



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