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Gundam Factory Yokohama

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Gundam Factory Yokohama is an upcoming amusement center themed after the Gundam franchise. Located at Yamashita Pier in Yokohama, Japan, it will be the home of the moving life-sized RX-78-2 Gundam. Gundam Factory Yokohama was originally scheduled to open in October 2020, but was delayed to 'before the end of the year' due to COVID-19[1].



The Gundam-Dock is the hangar bay where the moving Gundam is stored and maintained. Visitors can get a closer view of the Gundam at the Gundam-Dock tower.


Near the Gundam-Dock is the Gundam-Lab, an entertainment complex where visitors can learn more about the moving Gundam and purchase souvenirs.


The Academy gives visitors information on the structure, design, and mechanism of the moving Gundam.

Conference Room

The Conference Room is for events, lectures, research presentations, and workshops. It will also serve as a special exhibition space for universities, tech companies, and research institutes.

The Gundam Base Yokohama Satellite

A store where visitors can purchase Gunpla products, including store exclusives.

Gundam Café

The Gundam Café serves Gundam-themed food and drinks, as well as local Yokohama dishes.

Official Goods

The Yokohama Walking Gundam Model Series will initially be exclusive to the stores at this location, as well as P-Bandai.

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