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The Gundam Development Project (ガンダム開発計画 Gandamu Kaihatsu Keikaku?) was a top secret mobile suit development project initiated by the Earth Federation Forces in cooperation with Anaheim Electronics in the aftermath of the One Year War.[1]


A member of the Gundam Development Project (circa U.C. 0083) in Anaheim Journal.

Following the end of the One Year War, the Earth Federation, from captured data and facilities, learned that the Principality of Zeon was ten years ahead of them in terms of mobile suit development, and the Federation's victory was only due to superior resources and manpower. Furthermore, during the war, mobile suit has proven itself to be the primary weapon of the space age, and would have to be incorporated into any future strategies.[2] In order to close this technology gap and improve the performance of Federation mobile suits, the Gundam Development Project was proposed.[1]

On October 5, U.C. 0081, the Federation Assembly approved the Federation Forces Reconstruction Plan in order to prepare the EFF for the next major conflict.[3] As part of the Reconstruction Plan, Anaheim Electronics secretly began the Gundam Development Project on October 20th, under the supervision of Vice-Admiral John Kowen.[1]

A megacorporation which manufactures everything from home appliances to military space vessels, Anaheim Electronics absorbed Zeon's primary mobile suit manufacturers, including Zeonic, after the end of the war. As a result, it became the defense company with the largest mobile suit development and production capabilities in the Earth sphere. Anaheim Electronics proposed several development plans for the Gundam Development Project, and after a period of discussion, began construction.[1]

In January, U.C. 0083, the Delaz Fleet, a group of Zeon remnants, learned of the Gundam Development Project and had an agent infiltrate Anaheim Electronics.[4] This led to the Delaz Conflict, which began with the theft of the RX-78GP02A Gundam "Physalis" and ended with the Delaz Fleet destroying much of the reconstructed Earth Federation fleet with a nuclear attack and devastating the Federation's North American bread basket with a colony drop.[5][6] All Gundams developed as part of the project except the RX-78GP03S Gundam "Stamen" were destroyed during the conflict.

In order to cover up the incident, on March 10th, U.C. 0084, the Federation erased all information on the Gundam Development Project.[6] Technology developed as part of the Gundam Development Project were also sealed away, leading to serious stagnation in mobile suit development until the Gryps War.[7] In November, U.C. 0099, Anaheim Electronics made public a portion of the data relating to the Gundam Development Project, shocking the mobile suit development industry and finally solving the long mystery of the "missing link" between first and second generation mobile suits.[8]

As a side note, each of the Gundams in the project are named for different genuses in groups of flowers.

Units Developed in the Project


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