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The Gundam Destiny Sky (ガンダム ディスティニースカイ?) is a Gunpla featured in the manga Gundam Build Diver Rize.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Gundam Destiny Sky, as its name suggests, has a similar concept as Riku Mikami's Gundam 00 Sky. However, instead of incorporating elements of the Destiny Gundam into the 00 Gundam, the Gundam Destiny Sky was designed by Garyuu to do the reverse, by incorporating elements of the 00 Gundam (such as the GN Drives) into the Destiny Gundam.


  • Beam Boomerang
  • GN Sword II
  • "Palma Fiocina" Palm Beam Cannon
  • Shield

Special Equipment & Features

  • Trans-Am Eternity [1]

Special Attacks

  • Hyper Sky Blaster


Picture Gallery

Notes & Trivia


  1. Trans-Am Eternity[1]

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