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Gundam Castle is the headquarters of the Gundam Clan and base of operations of the Gundam Band of Five in the original SD Gundam Sengokuden continuity (not to be confused with the 2007 BB Senshi Sangokuden television series). It is presided over by Shogundam in SD Gundam's Counterattack and SD Gundam Mk-III and Shogundam and Daishogun in SD Gundam Mk-V.


When the Gundam Band of Five clashed with the Zaku Band of Three they were sent out from the castle under orders of Shogundam. It was then that they learned of the existence of the Army of Darkness They returned to it to report of their battle asking of the Army of Darkness, but within the castle hall Shogundam found the Zaku Band of Three, impaling them on his spear the Band of Three engaged in battle against the Band of Five within its chambers, this ultimately ended in their defeat. The castle continued to be used during the war and Shogundam continued to lead from it.

In a bold move, the Zaku Band of Three again returns to the castle attempting to corner Musha Gundam near the river in the walled city over which Gundam Castle presides. Their attempt fails as Musha's companions quickly join him and defeat the trio.

When the legendary fortress of A Boa Qu appeared. The Gundam Band of Five used it as their base of operations from which to launch their assault against the Army of Darkness and attempts to capture A Boa Qu, these attempts failed for both sides forcing the Gundam Band of Five to return here in shame, the fortress not set to appear for another 333 years.

The castle is again the base of operations for the Gundam Band of Five when they are tasked with gathering information and possibly exercising an evil spirit that lies in the nearby town.

Facilities and Equipment

While most of it retains a traditional style of the Japanese feudal period it is evidenced that Gundam Castle has a few advanced technologies. The castle is clearly shown to contain a primitive computer which requires an abacus as a component of its operation, a telephone, fax machine and a darkroom for developing photographs.

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