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Gundam Build Fighters Try Original Soundtrack 01 is the soundtrack album of music that featured in Gundam Build Fighters Try anime series. The soundtrack is composed by Yuuki Hayashi and Asami Tachibana.

Track listing

# Track Name Artist(s) Length
1. Try Fighters Yuuki Hayashi 2:37
2. Clear and Serene Yuuki Hayashi 2:34
3. Hit the target, spirit, shoot! Yuuki Hayashi 3:28
4. Gandabada Gandabada Yuuki Hayashi 2:57
5. Seihou Academy Gunpla Club Asami Tachibana 2:24
6. You call that panel lining? Asami Tachibana 2:15
7. It's a maiden... Asami Tachibana 2:47
8. Sure kill right on the mark Yuuki Hayashi 2:18
9. A will to fight can change the future Asami Tachibana 3:50
10. These hands of mine shine with a roar Yuuki Hayashi 2:20
11. Gunpla March Asami Tachibana 2:03
12. Finishing blow! Top Coat! Yuuki Hayashi 2:01
13. Lost Soldiers Asami Tachibana 2:30
14. Out of the way, small fry Yuuki Hayashi 3:37
15. Fall, Praying Mantis Asami Tachibana 2:14
16. Unsnipable Depression Yuuki Hayashi 1:59
17. I loved it, boy Asami Tachibana 2:04
18. Bell of Requiem Yuuki Hayashi 2:39
19. War in the plastic Asami Tachibana 2:20
20. Absolute difference in power Yuuki Hayashi 3:12
21. School on the foot hill Asami Tachibana 2:20
22. Feel ashamed, philistine! Yuuki Hayashi 2:16
23. I'll fix this gunpla! Asami Tachibana 2:18
24. Hahahaha! Only one unit left! Yuuki Hayashi 2:56
25. Come on, let it be Wednesday already Asami Tachibana 2:21
26. Youthful and foolish pupil Yuuki Hayashi 2:28
27. It's sad but there's only 2 cours Asami Tachibana 2:41
28. The sorrow of losing your paint in the middle of the night Yuuki Hayashi 2:23
29. That's a wrap Yuuki Hayashi 3:44


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No. Songs Duration Audio
1 00:00 File:.ogg

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