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Gundam Breaker Battlogue (ガンダムブレイカー バトローグ?) is a 2021 ONA created by Sunrise.


After intense fighting, the GUNPLA Battle U.S. Championship enters its final round. Here, the figure of a certain fighter appears. A few months later Misa Satsukino, building a new GUNPLA in the Ayato Shopping Street, seems to be in a worse mood than usual. As an outlet for her unfocused anger, she sets her completed GUNPLA in a simulator and enters battle, but the GUNPLA is suddenly restrained. On the eve of the huge GB Festa event, the fates of the GUNPLA Fighters are at a critical juncture


# Episode Title Japanese Airdate
1 First Contact 19 October 2021
2 GB Fest Begins! 26 October 2021
3 Menace of the Runner Prison 1 November 2021
4 RE:venger 9 November 2021
5 The Mighty Ones 16 November 2021
6 Under The Mask 23 November 2021



A line of Gundam Breaker Battlogue High Grade models were designed to accompany the release of the OVA beginning in fall of 2021. They are designed to be capable of "mixed building" customization, that allows the builder to swap and combine the body parts of all the kits in the series in a similar fashion to the games. These custom Gunpla will debut in the OVA, and also appear in the mobile game.

Limited Edition Gunpla are planned for exclusive sale abroad, mainly in the United States.


The ending theme is "Breaking Blazing", performed by Mr.FanTastiC. The single was released digitally on October 20th, 2021[1].


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