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Gundam Battle Royale (ガンダムバトルロワイヤル) is an RPG game developed by Artdink for the PlayStation Portable. It consists of the 1st 2 Gundam storylines, Mobile Suit Gundam and Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam.

Character Creation

In this game, the player can create their own character. The player character's name, gender, faction, and genetic type (either a Newtype or an Oldtype) can be altered.


When the player starts, the 2 factions the player picks can be EFSF or Zeon. If the player finishes the Mobile Suit Gundam storyline, the next 2 factions the player has to choose are either AEUG or Titans.


X = thruster (doesn't make the Mobile Suit fly)

/\ = melee attack

[] = secondary range weapon

O = primary range weapon

R = guard (only on ground), fix camera view

L = lock-on enemy, lock-off enemy

analog stick = change enemy (if there's more than 1 enemy)

R + O = special range attack (takes 1 SP bar)

R + [] = change primary range weapon

R + /\ = special melee attack (takes 1 SP bar)

X + [] = transform (only works with Zeta, Messala, Asshimar and Psycho)

/\ + O = ultimate attack (takes 4 SP bars)(more on this later)

R + /\ + O = infinite attack pattern (takes all 8 SP bars)(more on this later)

/|\ (this is an arrow) = forward

<- = left

-> = right

\|/ (this is also an arrow) = back

/|\ x2 = dash forward

\|/ x2 = dash bakward

<- x2 = dash to the left

-> x2 = dash to the right

press & hold X = longer thruster power

Ultimate Attack & Infinite Attack Pattern

Ultimate attack and Infinite Attack Pattern are the 2 most powerful attacks in the game (obviously). Ultimate attack takes 4 SP bars (more on this later), and focuses it on an enemy. The most common ultimate attacks are always used as huge beam sabers, and huge beams from beam rifles. Few Mobile Suits even use an Exam System as their ultimate attack. Infinite Attack Pattern, on the other hand, takes all 8 SP bars (again, more on this later) and focuses on the whole MS itself. The MS starts glowing green and it attacks continuously. Once this is activated, the MS will be unstoppable, and will be impervious from all kinds of attacks. It's like a guard without a shield.

SP Bar

The SP bar of Gundam Battle Royale is very different from Gundam Memories. Instead of having just 4 SP bars, Gundam Battle Royale has 8 SP bars. Actually, it's just 4 SP bars that then overlap each other. The 1st 4 are yellow, then the 2nd 4 are orange since they overlap on the first 4. When the player uses Ultimate attack, it doesn't deplete the SP bar completely, it just takes the orange SP bars and leaves the yellow SP bars untouched. As for the Infinite Attack Pattern, it uses all the SP bars and depletes it all. Both Gundam Battle Royale and Gundam Memories have the same function, they both have SP bars only replenished by destroying or at least attacking the enemies. The only difference is, Gundam Battle Royale's SP bars can also be replenished by waiting it out.


Earth Federation


Principality of Zeon

Anti-Earth Union Group

List of Mechanics

Earth Federation


Principality of Zeon

Anti-Earth Union Group


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