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Gundam Ace (ガンダムエース Gandamu Eesu?) is a monthly Japanese shōnen manga magazine published by Kadokawa, largely focusing on the Gundam franchise. There is a Chinese version published by Kadokawa Media (Taiwan) Co., Ltd.


Gundam Ace started as a quarterly publication from vol.1 to 3, moved to a bi-monthly publication from vol.4, and on April 25, 2003 (with vol.10) it became a monthly publication. The producer is Shinichirou Inoue of Kadokawa Shoten who also produces Newtype and Shonen Ace. The chief editor is Hideaki Kobayashi.

The magazine contains a number of common features found in official fan magazines, including news on upcoming Gundam series and merchandise.

Gundam Ace is considered canon by Gundam creator Yoshiyuki Tomino.

Featured manga/novels

Many of the manga titles running in the magazine serve as promotion (adaptations based on recent games, animated series side stories, etc.) or parody the Gundam series/fandom.

Non-manga columns

  • Data Gundam
  • Ages of Gundam
  • Okawara Factory
  • Gundam Goods Navigation
  • Gundam Game Information


Most issues of Gundam Ace contain at least one 'free gift' item. These may be used to promote a current Gundam work or based on original manga appearing in the magazine. In the three months leading up to the premiere of Mobile Suit Gundam 00, the magazine gave away a 00 pencil board, sticker sheet and poster. A continuing series has been keychains depicting Mobile Suit Gundam characters as chickens, based on a popular manga of the same concept. Other items given away include CM collection CD-ROMs, exclusive alternate manga cover sleeves and cardboard calendar cubes.

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