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Monthly Gundam Ace (月刊ガンダムエース Gekkan Gandamu Eesu?, also known as Monthly Gundam A) is a monthly Japanese shōnen manga magazine published by Kadokawa, largely focusing on the Gundam franchise.


Originally titled Gundam Ace (ガンダムエース Gandamu Eesu?, or Gundam A), it was published quarterly from No.001 to 004 as an extra edition of the (ニュータイプドットコム?) magazine. From No.005 it dropped the branding and switched to bi-monthly publication. It became a monthly publication (recieving its current name) with No.010.

The producer is Shinichiro Inoue, who worked on Monthly Newtype and Monthly Shonen Ace at Kadokawa Shoten. The first chief editor was Hideaki Kobayashi. Starting with No.064, Tomoya Hirao became the second chief editor.


Cover Title Publisher Date Identifier Cite
ガンダムエース No.001 2001年夏号 ニュータイプドットコム8月号増刊 角川書店 (Kadokawa Shoten) June 25, 2001 T1116948080659

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月刊ガンダムエース 2004年8月号 No.024 角川書店 (Kadokawa Shoten) June 26, 2004 JAN 4910124010846

{{ref book|gundam-ace|volume=24}}

月刊ガンダムエース 2006年11月号 No.051 角川書店 (Kadokawa Shoten) September 26, 2006 JAN 4910124011164

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月刊ガンダムエース 2021年10月号 No.229 角川書店 (Kadokawa Shoten) July 26, 2021 JAN 4910124010914

{{ref book|gundam-ace|volume=229}}

Gundam Ace 230 - Pulitzer.jpeg 月刊ガンダムエース 2021年10月号 No.230 角川書店 (Kadokawa Shoten) August 26, 2021 JAN 4910124011010

{{ref book|gundam-ace|volume=230}}

月刊ガンダムエース 2021年11月号 No.231 角川書店 (Kadokawa Shoten) September 25, 2021 JAN 4910124011119

{{ref book|gundam-ace|volume=231}}

月刊ガンダムエース 2021年12月号 No.232 角川書店 (Kadokawa Shoten) October 26, 2021 JAN 4910124011218

{{ref book|gundam-ace|volume=232}}

月刊ガンダムエース 2022年1月号 No.233 角川書店 (Kadokawa Shoten) November 26, 2021 JAN 4910124010129

{{ref book|gundam-ace|volume=233}}

月刊ガンダムエース 2022年2月号 No.234 角川書店 (Kadokawa Shoten) December 24, 2021 JAN 4910124010228

{{ref book|gundam-ace|volume=234}}

月刊ガンダムエース 2022年3月号 No.235 角川書店 (Kadokawa Shoten) January 26, 2022 JAN 4910124010327

{{ref book|gundam-ace|volume=235}}

Ace-08-2022.jpeg 月刊ガンダムエース 2022年8月号 No.240 角川書店 (Kadokawa Shoten) June 24, 2022

{{ref book|gundam-ace|volume=240}}

Ace241.jpg 月刊ガンダムエース 2022年9月号 No.241 角川書店 (Kadokawa Shoten) July 26, 2022

{{ref book|gundam-ace|volume=241}}

Featured manga/novels

Tony Takezaki presents GUNDAM mangaUniversal Century
Mobile Suit Gundam: The OriginUniversal Century
Mobile Suit Gundam-sanUniversal Century
Mobile Suit Gundam École du CielUniversal Century
Nightmare of SolomonUniversal Century
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED X AstrayCosmic Era
∀ Gundam: Wind of the MoonCorrect Century
Haman-san's AxisUniversal Century
Mobile Suit Gundam: Principality of Zeon Military Preparatory SchoolUniversal Century
Mobile Suit Gundam: The Light of A Baoa QuUniversal Century
Mobile Suit Gundam The MSV: The Mobile Suit VariationsUniversal Century
Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam DefineUniversal Century
Char's Daily LifeUniversal Century
Mobile Suit Gundam U.C. 0094: Across The SkyUniversal Century
Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 RebellionUniversal Century
Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story: Missing LinkUniversal Century
Mobile Suit Gundam U.C. 0096: Last SunUniversal Century
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED ASTRAY Princess of the SkyCosmic Era
Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin MSD Cucuruz Doan's IslandUniversal Century
Mobile Suit Gundam: Record of MS Wars REBOOTUniversal Century
Mobile Suit Gundam ValpurgisUniversal Century
Grand Generation Char and AmuroUniversal Century
Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway's FlashUniversal Century
Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the PocketUniversal Century
Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam: X-11Universal Century
Mobile Suit Gundam Pulitzer -Amuro Ray Beyond the Aurora-Universal Century
Mobile Suit Gundam: Cucuruz Doan’s Island -Doan and Loran-Universal Century
Assault On CasablancaUniversal Century
Assault On CasablancaUniversal Century
Mobile Suit Gundam Card BuilderUniversal Century
Gun-neta ChampionshipUniversal Century
Gundam Novels - The Soldier Which Becomes the SparkUniversal Century
Mobile Suit Gundam - Day after Tomorrow: Kai Shiden´s MemoryUniversal Century
Mobile Suit Gundam – U.C. War Chronicle Memories of Char AznableUniversal Century
Mobile Suit Gundam: We're Federation Hooligans!!Universal Century
Mobile Suit Fat GundamUniversal Century
Mobile Suit Gundam - Acguy: 2250 Miles Across North AmericaUniversal Century
Mobile Suit Gundam Zero Old ZakusUniversal Century
MSV-R: The Return of Johnny RiddenUniversal Century
Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn 4-komaUniversal Century
Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS GekkoPost Disaster
Mobile Suit Gundam MS IGLOO 2: The Gravity FrontUniversal Century
Mobile Suit Gundam - Zeon MS Boys: The War of IndependenceUniversal Century
Go! Go! Our V Gundam!!Universal Century
Mobile Suit Gundam 00 TrinityAnno Domini
Mobile Suit Gundam 00: Blue MemoriesAnno Domini
New Mobile Report Gundam Wing: Frozen TeardropAfter Colony
Mobile Suit Gundam MSV-R Legend of the Universal Century Heroes: The Fabulous Shin MatsunagaUniversal Century
Mobile Suit Moon GundamUniversal Century
Mobile Suit Gundam The Plot to Assassinate GihrenUniversal Century
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Non-manga columns

  • Data Gundam
  • Ages of Gundam
  • Okawara Factory
  • Gundam Goods Navigation
  • Gundam Game Information


Most issues of Gundam Ace contain at least one 'free gift' item. These may be used to promote a current Gundam work or based on original manga appearing in the magazine. In the three months leading up to the premiere of Mobile Suit Gundam 00, the magazine gave away a 00 pencil board, sticker sheet and poster. A continuing series has been keychains depicting Mobile Suit Gundam characters as chickens, based on a popular manga of the same concept. Other items given away include CM collection CD-ROMs, exclusive alternate manga cover sleeves and cardboard calendar cubes.