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The Gundam AGE-1 Phoenix is an offensive variant of the AGE-1 Gundam AGE-1 Daiki Version appearing in Mobile Suit Gundam AGE: Treasure Star. It is piloted by Daiki Ryuuzaki.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The AGE-1 Phoenix is the new form of the Gundam AGE-1 Daiki Version developed by the AGE System. The Phoenix is a melee combat mobile suit equipped with the "Phoenix Wear" Multipurpose Weapon System, which is mounted on the mobile suit's shoulders. To suit Daiki's combat style and resonate better with his X-Rounder abilities, it can assume different forms by transforming its wings into three difference forms: the Long-Ranged Cannon Mode, the Defensive Shield Form, and the Close Combat Sword Mode. Aside from its wings, the AGE-1 Phoenix is also equipped with a sword and a shield.

Because of its ability to reconfigure, the AGE-1 Phoenix surpasses the original AGE-1 in ranged combat, speed, and offensive and defensive capabilities. Since it's designed to harness an X-Rounder's power, only Daiki himself can bring out its full potential.


  • Phoenix Sword
The AGE-1 Phoenix is equipped with a Phoenix Sword, modeled after the CMS-574E Elmeda's Heat Sword. The Phoenix Sword is designed to cut through enemy Mobile suits especially the Vagans. It can also combine with the Phoenix Shield and the Phoenix Wear to become the Phoenix Wear Sword Mode. In this mode, the AGE-1 Phoenix can execute two powerful attacks: the Rising Shoot attack and the Star Slash F.
  • Phoenix Shield
The AGE-1 Phoenix's defensive armament. It's made much thicker and sturdier than the Original AGE-1 shield. It can also combine with the Phoenix Wear to become the Phoenix Wear Shield Mode.

Ultimate Attacks

  • Star Slash F
  • Rising Shoot

Special Equipment & Features

  • Phoenix Wear
The Phoenix Wear is the new armament of the AGE-1 Phoenix, designed to harness an X-Rounder's potential. The wear has three modes, in which only Daiki can access in battle. These include the Long-Ranged Cannon Mode, which the wings folds up and flips forward to to its shoulders, allowing it to fire a concentrated beam cannon shot that can destroy several Vagan Mobile Suits in one sweep. The Defensive Shield Form, which allows the AGE-1 Phoenix to block attacks and the Close Combat Sword Mode, in which the Phoenix Sword, the Phoenix Shield and the Phoenix Wing combine to become a buster sword.
The AGE-1 Gundam AGE-1 Daiki Version shares the same AGE System as the original AGE-1, meaning either only him or Flit can pilot it through the AGE Device. Unlike the original AGE-System, the AGE System installed in the AGE-1 Phoenix can sync with Daiki's X-Rounder abilities.


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