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Gundam: The Battle Master is a video game that was released on the PlayStation console in 1997 by Bandai, the game was developed by Natsume.


  • Repeated damage to a specific body part on an enemy will result in that part's armor breaking.
  • There's no standard "health bar". Instead, a mobile suit has a "temperature bar" that would fill up as it gets hit. When the bar is full, the mobile suit overheats and is knocked down. When a mobile suit overheats three times, it is knocked out and loses the fight.
  • The standard punch and kick buttons are complemented by a shoot button (for firing beam rifles or machine guns), a weapon button (beam sabers, heat hawks, etc.), and a thrust button that allows the mobile suit to fly indefinitely.
  • Projectiles are unblockable.
  • Special moves are limited. A mobile suit will have a rapid fire version of the shoot button and one or two unique moves. All special moves drain a bar below the temperature bar that can only be filled by connecting with melee attacks.
  • Some mobile suits can dodge into the background to avoid attacks, while others can erect a beam barrier that can block projectiles (which can be held indefinitely unless hit by a melee attack).
  • Bosses are massive and fill up nearly half the screen. They can not be knocked back by any attack unless they overheat.


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