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The Gunboy-Wilbur is a prototype Machining Skin featured in the For the Barrel novel.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

A prototype humanoid weapon developed by the Earth Federation Forces, its limbs are designed in the shape of "Elan's pendulum", with an emphasis on mobility even in outer space. The Gunboy-Wilbur's head is movable, and the chest protrudes from the back. The Gunboy-Wilbur primarily moves in outer space with two main nozzles. The reactor is housed inside the back, overhanging behind it, and is directly connected to each of the main nozzles. When walking on surfaces, the toes transform and touch the ground. Both hands are four-finger manipulators.

The Gunboy-Wilbur is also referred to as "albino", due to its pure white body color and camera eye that emits a red light.


System Features


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