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Gunbike (ガンバイカー Ganbaikā?) is a character in Superior Defender Gundam Force.


A large Gundam-style motorcycle intended for Captain, Gunbike houses the AI of Captain's former seasoned instructor. As dedicated to the protection of Neotopia as his student, Gunbike expects nothing but the best from his allies. He can be combined with an optional sidecar (commonly used by Shute) and boasts 2 six missile pods. When Captain activates the Soul Drive while riding Gunbike, a dynamo system enables Gunbike to feed off this energy as well for extra speed.

In SD Gundam Force Showdown! video game, Gunbike is one of the support characters who appears randomly at the end of each scene after the first Jammer Boss is destroyed. He offers to "gear-up" the player character, which max the special attack instantly and it will be charge at faster rate afterward.


After sending out the newly built Hyper Captain to help with the Gundam Force's mission in Ark, the SDG are quick to send further reinforcements. One of these is GunPanzer (ガンパンツァー Ganpantsā?), an immense armored car equipped with a mini Re-Equip Ring for Hyper Captain. In combat, GunPanzer can transform into a more Gundam like form, ready with cannons and missile launchers. GunPanzer's AI is fact that of Gunbike, eager as always to be fighting on the front lines. GunPanzer's presence gives some much needed might to Britainmaru's forces and the two "old men" quickly become good friends.

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