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The Griffin is one of the four Sacred Beast from Lacroa in Superior Defender Gundam Force.


A sacred beast of Lacroa, the Griffin was once a noble spirit dedicated to protecting Lacroa along with the Phoenix, the Unicorn, and the Jörmungandr. While noble, the Griffin was willing to kill anyone that threatened Lacroa. Under the control of Tallgeese, the Griffin became a mindless and destructive monster.

Before the Series

When the Dark Axis first attempted to invade Lacroa, they were blocked by a magical barrier created by the Four Sacred Beasts of Lacroa, which prevented the invasion of foreign countries. As such, Commander Sazabi freed Tallgeese, Knight of the Tempest, from his prison in return for his sworn allegiance to the Dark Axis, which involved taking down the barrier. When freed, Tallgeese sought out the Griffin, knowing that the Spirit was instrumental in the barrier that protected Lacroa. Once he found the Griffin in the Spiritual Plane, Tallgeese quickly attempted to subdue the beast, but the Griffin proved to be too powerful for the Knight. In retaliation, Tallgeese began to destroy everything around him, claiming that damaging the Spiritual Plane would also destroy Lacroa's magical barrier. Enraged, the Griffin tried to kill Tallgeese, but it was all a trap, and Tallgeese managed to connect his evil heart with the darkness that appeared in the Griffin's own heart and merged with the Beast. From then on, the Griffin was brainwashed and imprisoned within a shield, and Tallgeese was able to call upon the Griffin whenever he wanted.

The Mystery of Lacroa and Freedom

The Griffin first appeared in the show when Tallgeese summoned it to fight the Gundam Force. Tallgeese merged with the Griffin and used its power to quickly defeat the Gundam Force. The next time Tallgeese merged with the Griffin to fight the Gundam Force, the power of the Griffin was evenly matched with the power of Captain's Soul Drive. Eventually, the Gundam Force trapped Griffin Tallgeese within the Dark Hole. Even though magic could not be used in the Dark Hole, the power of the Griffin was what gave Tallgeese the ability to escape. The last appearance of the Griffin was when Tallgeese summoned it to fight the Gundam Force for the third time. From then on, Tallgeese stayed merged with the Griffin until Griffin Tallgeese was possessed by the Evil Sword Epyon, which absorbed the power of Tallgeese and the Griffin. When Epyon was defeated, the Griffin was turned into Mnns and returned into the earth of Lacroa.


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