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Grappler Gouf (グラップラーグフ Gurappurā Gufu?) is a character from Superior Defender Gundam Force.


  • Grappler Gouf is very skilled at using his sword, which has a jagged blade. Grappler Gouf also uses a shield that can attach to his right shoulder armor. This shield has two extend-able blades that can function as a claw. Grappler Gouf once used a yellow bazooka, called the Rubber Bazooka Beam Cannon in the TV series and is called the Gum Gum Gun in the Collectible Card Game, which can fire a beam that causes whatever it hits and anything nearby to be encased in a yellow, rubber ball. However, Grappler Gouf's main weapon is his modular left arm, which can be swapped with two different forearms. The first and most seen forearm is an enlarged black claw with four long blades which can be flexed like fingers that can be used as a grapple. This claw has a length of wire inside that is attached to the rest Grappler Gouf's arm, which extends when Grappler Gouf fires his claw. The second arm appears similar to Grappler Gouf's right arm, but contains a missile launcher inside the forearm and a targeting reticule that extends from Grappler Gouf's thumb. The missile fired from this missile launcher can move to avoid getting hit by enemy fire. The missile launcher is also used when Grappler Gouf performs the Final Deadly Screaming Chaos Catastrophe.
  • Grappler Gouf once piloted a Jet Board that had a gatling gun and numerous missiles. He also has been a pilot for a Big-Zam three times.
  • After Zapper Zaku got rid of most of the Dark Axis' weapons, Grappler Gouf used a stolen V Rod in a fight with Captain Gundam during his second mutiny attempt.


After Zapper Zaku's two defeats, Grappler Gouf was sent into battle. He is easily the most intelligent and level headed on the invasion force trio (though still prone to silly antics), with ambitions to eventually take over Sazabi's position. After Sazabi's defeat, he and Destroyer Dom secretly got on board the Gundamusai in an attempt to rescue Zapper Zaku. They failed and were likewise drafted.

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