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Grant Stewart(スチュアート ) is a fictional character from the After War Gundam X anime.


A member of the advisory council to Prince Willis Aramis, Grant Stewart is very concerned with the safety of the people and continues to push the idea that they should try to make peace with the New United Nations Earth after each victory that they have since further fighting would end in only more lives of their country men and women lost. His efforts to get the young prince to agree to his ideas and suggests go as far as trying to convince Roybea Loy to talk with the prince, since the young prince as an admiration for mobile suit pilots. When his continued efforts fail and seeing the fall of the United Kingdom of Northernbell, and the signing of the treaty between the Democratic Republic of Gastar and the New United Nations Earth government, he feels that there is only one thing left that he can do. Meeting with Jamil Neate, he asks that the captain will pick him and the prince up at a point close to the border to try and sneak out of the country as Estard surrenders, to keep the Prince Willis from being executed and blamed for the war. When the Freeden is caught by an army from Gastar, Grant tries to keep Prince Willis from giving himself up, only stopping when the young prince orders him to.



Grant Stewart shares a similar characteristic as General Lee Jackson. Both their names contain the last name of American Civil War Generals. General Robert E. Lee & General "Stonewall" Jackson; General Ulysses S. Grant and General "Jeb" Stewart.

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