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The Grand Chario is a Peacemillion-class space battleship, which is used as the flagship of OZ Prize and serves as its mobile base of operations for the "Stardust Knights" and other elite pilots who operate out of it during OZ Prize's siege of the MO-V base.

Technology & Combat Characteristics


  • Large Beam Cannon
Also known as the "Grand Nova Cannon", it is a large beam weapon located in the bow of the ship, and is capable of firing a destructing beam capapble of destroying multiple enemies in front of it. However, it's limited firing angle tends to hamper its effectiveness.
  • Anti-Air Beam Cannon


It is eventually destroyed after a vengeful Dr. Berg activates his failsafe program "Auto-Destruct Program Berg-01" with his dying breath, designed to crash the ship into the Earth after destroying everything in its path - including the colonies starting with MO-V. However Odin Bernett is able to use a modified version of his OZ-19MASX Gundam Griepe, combined together with various parts of the other two G-UNITs, which allows him to destroy the ship before it can achieve its intended goal.

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