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Goze Barl is a character in Mobile Suit Victory Gundam.


Goze is a Lieutenant stationed aboard the Adrastea when it heads to Earth as part of the Motorad fleet's attack on Earth. He pilots a Zollidia mobile suit. While on Earth, Goze is captured by the League Militaire and held on the Reinforce Junior. He is intentionally released under the ruse of it being an escape so as to permit the League Militaire to infiltrate the Adrastea. Goze pulls off something similar himself when he departs the Adrastea along with Muller Miguel, telling her he wants to surrender to the League Militaire. In actuality, he grabs ahold of her in his Zollidia's hands in an attempt to use her against Uso. During the battle, the Lysithea is knocked backwards into the Adrastea and strikes Goze's damaged Zollidia, killing both him and Muller.

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