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#[[Mikazuki Augus]]
#[[Orga Itsuka]]
#[[Biscuit Griffon]]
*[[Atra Mixta]]
*[[Kudelia Aina Bernstein]]
===Mobile Weapons===
===Mobile Weapons===

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Glorius Demise (Sange" (散華) ?) is the 3rd episode of Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS.


Third Corps instigates a mutiny that expels majority of First Corps from the CGS base. As they try to figure out how to support themselves financially, Crank returns to the base to issue a challenge to the Gundam Barbatos in order to retrieve Kudelia and the Graze captured during Gjallarhorn's previous assault on the base.


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  1. Mikazuki Augus
  2. Orga Itsuka
  3. Biscuit Griffon

Mobile Weapons




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