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Genkimaru (元気丸, Genki-Maru) is a main character in the second season of Superior Defender Gundam Force.


Genkimaru is the estranged son of Kibaomaru. He joined the SDG to save Ark and get revenge on his unknowing father for abandoning his mother. Despite his bratish behaviour, destiny seems to have something special in mind for Genki, as he possesses the ability to cut holes in the fabric of space time to allow himself and others to cross dimensions. He is also the leader of the Genki Energy Force, which protects Ark against all evil in the end of the series. It is eventually revealed that Genkimaru will become the DaiShogun of Perfect Virtue.

Daishogun of Perfect Virtue (完全善大将軍, Kanzen-zen Daishogun)

Daishogun a

Genkimaru grows up to become the Daishogun of Perfect Virtue

The legendary Musha Gundam who possesses reality-bending powers which he theatrically uses with a wave of his fan. Initially showing up to give Bakunetsumaru cryptic hints about the future that awaits him, it is ultimately revealed that he is in fact the adult form of Genkimaru.


Genkimaru (or Genki, as his friends call him) starts out as a bratty and somewhat egotistical child (claiming himself to be "Samurai #1" and "The Greatest Samurai in the Universe", among other such titles). Strenuous activity (such as fighting) tends to tire him out and causes him to fall asleep. He shows no respect towards anyone initially, as he willingly insults anyone that he doesn't like. However, he eventually gains a respect for the Gundam Force. He quickly acquires an obsession with feeling human's faces. He has a voracious appetite and devours whatever food he can get his hands on. He is very clever and can also hold his own in a fight, as he has learned several fighting techniques to protect himself.

Superior Defender Gundam Force

Genkimaru has only been seen in Superior Defender Gundam Force.

A Quarrel Ended

Genki was first seen (in his adult form) during episode 19 "Showdown! Bakunetsumaru vs. Ashuramaru". Bakunetsumaru was engaging Ashuramaru in a rematch, but Zapper Zaku intended to kill Baku off to make the fight against the Gundam Force easier.

However, someone would not allow this to happen. That someone was the Daishogun of Perfect Virtue. Using his magic, he reversed the missiles that the Zakos were firing so that they were hit and not Bakunetsumaru. Both combatants took notice of what had happened. Suddenly, the sky became dark and, in an overly-dramatic way, the Daishogun made his presence known. The Ship of the Golden Crest soon flew in and the Daishogun himself was riding it, asking Baku and Ashura if they were the two "who sought honor in a trial by combat". Introducing himself as the Daishogun of Ark, Warrior of Perfect Virtue, he made quite an impressive performance. Bakunetsumaru, however, was confused, as there had been no Daishogun in Ark for years. Believing the Daishogun to be a fraud, Cobramaru ordered Zapper Zaku to fire; however, the Daishogun's magic sent their shots flying right back at them.

Having dealt with the unwanted pesterers, the Daishogun declared he would be witness to the fight; however, before the fight began, he brought the two warriors to what he called a more "appropriate setting"- the "Garden of Samurai Spirits", the "gathering place of all warrior souls". The two warriors thanked the Daishogun and then prepared for the match, while the Daishogun sat patiently waiting for the battle to commence.

For the duration of the battle, the Daishogun watched silently, speaking only once when Shute felt that Ashuramaru was cheating, stating that it was allowed. When the fight was ended and Baku had won, the Daishogun brought the Gundam Force back to their world (and sent the Zakos literally falling into defeat). Once Ashuramaru had passed on, the Daishogun collected his Gunsoul and stated that he would see to it that Ashura's Gunsoul would return to Ark. Sending Cobramaru off with a message, the Daishogun quickly reforged Bakunetsumaru's broken sword. Baku was certain that the Daishogun was the savior that Ark had been needing; however, the Daishogun told him to be patient, as a time would come when all was made clear.

The Start of the Journey

He was first seen (in his child form) in episode 27: "Into The Dark Axis!", where he was sneaking through the discarded parts of those that had been sacrificed to reassemble General Zeong in the General's chamber. Eavesdropping on a conversation between the General, Professor Gerbera, Deathscythe and Kibaomaru on the war effort and the untimely demise of Commander Sazabi, Genki quietly stated that he had found "him".

Later in the episode, he used his teleportation technique to try and attack Kibaomaru. His attack was futile, however, as Kibaomaru caught his sword with just two fingers and broke it as if it was a mere twig. He attempted to reach for his axe, but Kibaomaru quickly grabbed him. The Professor quickly grew interested at the fact that such a being broke into the Dark Axis headquarters and volunteered to personally rip the young Musha Gundam apart to literally "see what he's made of". Deathscythe applauded the idea and bid that the Professor continue. However, Kibaomaru reprimanded them, feeling that they were acting poorly in front of the General. Kibaomaru was suggested to throw the child into the melting pot so that the General could be restored more quickly but, before he decided to, he said that if the young musha were to tell of his special ability (which Kibaomaru saw as a way to get into the violent god, Daishinshou), he might have gone easy on him. Despite his sword getting knocked into the melting pot, the little Musha refused to share his knowledge, even after getting an extra chance.

Suddenly, the Gundamusai appeared and things got ugly quickly. Bakunetsumaru quickly attacked Kibaomaru, but stopped when Genkimaru was used as a living shield. The fight got even more serious when the General's left hand showed up. Activating the laser cannons located in his fingers, the General began his assault as his shots refracted through his chamber. One of the blasts accidentally striked Kibaomaru, causing him to lose grip on Genki. While falling, the young Musha opened a portal to try and escape, but he was unexpectedly saved by Shute. When asked if he was alright, Genkimaru told Shute to stay out of his way. Another of the General's blasts was aimed at Genki (who soon fell asleep), but Captain Gundam grabbed both Shute and the young Musha and took them back on board the Gundamusai. As the Gundamusai began to leave, the General charged and fired all five of his laser cannon fingers. The resulting collision with one of Zero's Ultimate Techniques caused the Gundamusai and its crew to become trapped in the Minov Boundary Sea. This began the start of Genkimaru's time in the SDG.

Cruise Through The Minov Boundary Sea

In episode 28: "Ways of the Warriors", as the Gundam Force was pondering if their run-in with several Dark Axis leaders was because they entered Dark Axis HQ, Genkimaru woke midway in their conversation and hid in a corner of the room, believing that the Gundam Force had unpleasant plans for him.

The Gundam Force soon found him and tried to convince him of their good intentions. As Bakunetsumaru tried to convince him, Genkimaru attacked while simultaneously introducing himself. Baku quickly began to chase the young Musha, planning on teaching him a lesson. Shute, however, managed to get Baku to calm down. Genkimaru soon grew interested in Shute, as he had never seen a human before. While feeling Shute's face (which would soon become an obsession of his), he remembered his encounter with Shute at the Dark Axis HQ.

Believing the Gundam Force to be Dark Axis agents, Genkimaru fled to the passageway of the ship. Looking for an exit (which sent several Elmechu scurrying away in terror), he found only a series of dead ends. Realizing he had no choice, he used his teleporting ability to escape the ship. Sadly, he had no idea that the Gundamusai was in the Minov Boundary Sea and that there wasn't any ground. He would have surely plummeted to his death if Zero hadn't saved him.

Genkimaru was then brought back to the bridge, where Shute began to explain who he and his friends were. Genki, however, has never heard of the Gundam Force, Neotopia or anything that Shute mentioned. Thinking a visual lesson would be more effective, Captain Gundam had RAIMI (who Genkimaru mistook for a ghost) bring up a video of Neotopia and the fight against Commander Sazabi and the Dark Axis forces invading Neotopia. However, Shute's attempts to reach Genkimaru failed and end up with him farting in everyone's face, which left them disgusted.

Bakunetsumaru, having become fed up with Genkimaru's rude ways, decided to educate him "Musha style". Creating an "educational slapping fan", Baku tried to use visual images of his fight against Ashuramaru to get across the importance of the "Musha Code" and the Musha Gundams' life of chivalry. However, Genkimaru already knew the "Eight Virtues of the Musha Code": kindess, justice, respect, wisdom, loyalty, faith, devotion and courtesy (whereas Bakunetsumaru, ironically, didn't).

Zero attempted to gain Genkimaru's favor by demonstrating via visual images of his past adventures both in Neotopia and in Lacroa to get through the importance of the chivalrous lifestyle of the Gundam Knights to Genkimaru. However, Genki ended up annoying Zero by saying that Lacroa was a lame country and, after misinterpreting the fact that the Gundam Force was "finally going to restore the petrified princess and her citizens" as a ditch attempt, by calling Zero a coward. Shute did his best to calm him down.

With no other options, Captain Gundam tried to gain Genkimaru's friendship. Shute had high hopes for Captain, as the leader of the Gundam Force uses videos of his fighting prowess in all of his past adventures. Captain appeared to have the little Musha's friendship when the topic gets to their current mission to save Lacroa. Sadly, when Genkimaru asked what they're doing in the Minov Boundary sea, Captain said "We... don't know that yet". Stating out loud that he didn't trust them, Captain was almost ready to quit when Shute encouraged him to keep trying.

Deciding to use logic, Captain said that, while the Gundam Force didn't know if they could trust Genkimaru (and vice versa), given the current situation, an alliance would be the best course of action. However, Genki didn't agree and said that Captain is lame. This bruised Captain's ego, but Shute suggested that Captain tell Genkimaru of his chivalry. Captain decides to tell of his "Mecha-Chivalry"; while it left the rest of the group impressed, Genkimaru wasn't moved.

When Genkimaru asked if Shute is really a member of the Gundam Force, he called Shute a weakling. The rest of the Gundam Force was quick to rush to Shute's side, saying that Shute was their best friend. This seemed to get Genki's notice, but only for a few seconds.

Suddenly, a call from SDG headquarters comes in. Everyone is relieved to see their friends, as Bell Wood and (unexpectedly) Sayla answer. The Gundam Force soon finds that the dimension that they're isn't Neotopia or Lacroa. Zero quickly theorizes that they are in the Minov Boundary Sea, one of the many divergent gaps that exist in between dimensions from which no one is capable of returning. Zero is about to say that there is a way around this when everyone notices that Genkimaru has disappeared again.

Genkimaru had overheard Sayla say that there was cake in the food storage area. Hurrying to the food storage area (and apparently wrecking the place), Genki takes the cake and hides up on the top of the bridge. Getting his first taste of sweets, Genkimaru falls in love with cake and begins eating like a ravenous beast. Shute and the others soon find him, Shute going crazy when Genkimaru finishes the cake off.

Cobramaru's Attack

In episode 29: "No More Ultimate Techniques! Terror of the Minov Boundary Sea", while on board the Gundamusai, Genkimaru was usually found in the food storage area, where he was hastily eating through the food supply. Shute managed to stop him with a glue gun that he'd invented. Genki was less than happy that he'd been captured.

Taken back to the bridge, the Gundam Force was soon alerted to the presence of an enemy onboard by RAIMI. However, Cobramaru's darts quickly hid his presence from RAIMI's security defenses and allowed him to control RAIMI. During a transmission from SDG base, Shute found that Genkimaru was annoying even when he slept. Meanwhile, down in the food storage area, Cobramaru framed Genkimaru for stealing all of the food by painting a small self-portrait of the little Musha on the food container and (after making a copy of himself to keep the Gundam Force occupied) then hiding inside so that the false evidence would be taken to the bridge.

Back on the bridge, Genkimaru woke up when the mention of food from another SDG transmission came up. Bell Wood tried to send food to the Gundamusai; sadly, only one banana came through. Taking the sole banana that came through, Genkimaru hid.

Some time later, Shute and Bakunetsumaru found the false evidence implicating Genkimaru and took it to the bridge. Genkimaru cried when he was blamed, but Baku was sure he was guilty. His cruel words left Genkimaru shocked, because not even his dad talked to him that way. When Bakunetsumaru said "I think it's about time somebody did!", Genkimaru kicked him in the shin and ran off, taunting Baku when he reached a safe spot. However, things got worse when Cobramaru's clone attacked the ship.

Not realizing the Cobramaru that was attacking was a fake, the Gundam Force (save for Shute) went out to face the fake Cobramaru. Shute stayed behind to open the launch bay for the Re-Equip Ring. After launching the Re-Equip Ring, Shute ran off, leaving Genkimaru by himself. Cobramaru quickly crept out of hiding, but Genki easily spotted him. He soon found himself captured, while Cobramaru pondered why Kibaomaru would need a "brat" like Genkimaru.

The fake Cobramaru soon jumped ship; however, the Gundam Force was far from finished. Unleashing their ultimate attack, Cobramaru (who was watching the whole fight) said that it was "time for his 'little surprise'". The fake Cobramaru activated a self-destruct just as the Gundam Force tried to finish him off. However, things took a turn for the worse when a crack (which had developed because of a combination of the fake Cobramaru's bombs and the Gundam Force's ultimate attack) appeared in the Minov Boundary Sea. Cobramaru (who didn't expect something like that to happen) ordered the hypnotized RAIMI to evacuate the area immediately.

Going full throttle, RAIMI tried to move the Gundamusai out of harm's way; however, the control darts planted into her system were removed by the suction power of the crack, causing her to revert to her original state of mind. Captain (who was being sucked into the crack along with Zero and Bakunetsumaru) was informed of the enemy and of Genkimaru's capture. Shute (being the only one that wasn't in peril) quickly ran to the bridge to save the young Musha. Cobramaru was resisting capture, moving with expert skill to avoid the bridge's security (leaving Genkimaru dizzy in the process). Shute soon entered, but Cobramaru wasn't giving up without a fight. Dodging Cobramaru's shuriken, Shute took cover (grabbing the Zakorello phone as well, which apparently could talk). Grabbing his glue gun, Shute tried to shoot Cobramaru, but kept missing due to his enemy's ninja prowess.

Genkimaru quickly broke free from Cobramaru's grasp after farting in his face. However, this left Genki in a dangerous situation. Luckily, Shute broke Genkimaru's fall. Cobramaru was soon in custody. Genkimaru, despite having been saved, was profusely annoyed that his plan to beat Cobramaru was ruined and soon ran off.

Genkimaru (alongside Bakunetsumaru) attempted to interrogate Cobramaru, but he refused to say a word. The two heroes soon left Cobramaru to think things over for a bit.

Back on the bridge, Bell Wood attempted to send food again; sadly, history repeats itself and only one rice ball made it through... as does Genkimaru taking the food for himself.

Leading a Munity

In episode 30: "Big Comeback! We're the Heroes?", Genkimaru first made an appearance when he accidentally ran into Captain while riding on Grappler Gouf's confiscated hover skiff. Surprisingly, he had impressive control over the skiff. However, he quickly lost control and started the missile-launching sequence. Zero quickly headed out to see what was happening and, noticing that missiles were pelting the ship, he used one of his Ultimate Techniques to stop the missiles (even though Bakunetsumaru warned him not to).

Sadly, it was too late to stop him or his technique. The missiles were stopped, but, in the ensuing explosion, Genkimaru fell off of the hover skiff and was about to meet a painful end had it not been for Captain's quick actions and his jetpack. Zero's technique had also created another crack in the Minov Boundary Sea, so the Gundamusai was forced to leave the area.

Genkimaru was next seen in the engine room of the Gundamusai, where he found a reprogrammed Zapper Zaku, Grappler Gouf, Destroyer Dom and several Zako Soldiers cleaning the place. Gaining the Zakos' attention, Genki introduced himself and made his plan clear: the Zakos were to help him stage a mutiny that would leave him in command of the Gundamusai. Their reward: access to a dimensional transport device that could get them back home. The Zakos quickly approved of the plan and prepared to arm themselves with confiscated weaponry (among it, Grappler Gouf's now-broken hover skiff and Destroyer Dom's Gallop) that was originally theirs. Unfortunately, Zapper Zaku tossed the weapons out into the Minov Boundary Sea, calling it "unwanted junk".

Seeing that the munity wouldn't work very well with a cleaning-obsessed Zapper Zaku, a group of Zakos initiated "Plan B": a mental conditioning that would turn Zapper Zaku back into a warmonger. Sadly, there was no effect; however, in the brief bit of ensuing mayhem caused, Genkimaru formed an idea that would temporarily turn Zapper Zaku into a mutineer. Genkimaru quickly told Zapper that a Gundam was using a mop (an item which Zapper Zaku had become highly protective of) as target practice. With Zapper Zaku leading a charge for the bridge, Genkimaru quickly hopped onto him to lead the mutineers.

Genkimaru and his mutineers quickly reached the hull of the Gundamusai. The Gundam Force, however, was waiting for them. Seeing that Zapper Zaku was currently useless as a combatant, Genki ordered those who would fight to attack. A battle quickly erupted: Zero taking on Grappler Gouf in a swordfight, Bakunetsumaru taking on Destroyer Dom in a fistfight and Captain taking on Zapper Zaku and the Zako soldiers in a shoving match. Captain quickly gained the upper hand and snapped the mop that a Zako was using as a weapon in half, causing Zapper Zaku to freak out. During this, Shute grabbed Genkimaru, who was bothered about having another one of his plans foiled. The mutineers, however, had not yet lost. Zapper Zaku was partially broken out of his mental conditioning by some of his troops and was prepared to help his other squad leaders in unleashing their ultimate attack. Sadly, it failed due to Zapper Zaku having had his weapons replaced with janitorial tools. The Zakos quickly ran back to the engine room, where they went from being soldiers to being members of Zapper Zaku's cleaning crew. The episode concluded with Genkimaru sighing and saying the Zakos were hopeless.

The Return of Tallgeese

In episode 31, "Evil Sword Epyon", during a meal on the Gundamusai, RAIMI warned Captain of an "object" (a hungry Genkimaru) coming from behind. Genki quickly absconded with all of the rice balls that were for lunch and retreated to the engine room through a side door.

Genki was last seen midway into the episode, where he was woken abruptly from a nap by the rage of Tallgeese, who, at the time, had fallen under the sway of the evil sword Epyon. Being a child, Genki was curious as to what had caused the rocking of the ship.

He was later seen in episode 32, "Epyon's Assault", investigating what was occurring outside. Unfortunately, Evil Warrior Epyon soon set his sights on the Dark Axis forces and Genkimaru, viewing them as an easy chance to devour someone. The Zakos quickly dispersed, leaving Genki as the only easy target available. Genkimaru began to climb towards the bridge and (relative) safety, but he was quickly cornered by Epyon next to one of the Gundamusai's cannons. Insisting that he didn't taste very good, Genkimaru did what any child cornered by a villain would do: He called for help. His help came in the form of Cobramaru, who had just broken out of his cell and was only helping Genki to help himself.

The fight against Epyon took an interesting turn, as Zero was dragged by the wyvern form of Epyon into Lacroa through a dark magic portal. The Gundamusai quickly followed; however, going through the portal damaged its engines and caused it to turn 90 degrees. This caused Genkimaru (along with the Zako forces, Cobramaru- who jumped off to make sure that he didn't lose Genkimaru -and Bakunetsumaru (who willingly jumped off to save Genki) to fall off of the ship.

Forming the Genki Energy Force

Genkimaru wasn't seen again until episode 35: "Genkimaru, Samurai Number One!". He is first seen falling along with Zako forces, Bakunetsumaru and Cobramaru through a canyon in Lacroa while giving a recounting of what he's been through since episode 27. The group of falling beings is separated when Bakunetsumaru crashes into the bottom of the canyon and everyone else falls into a tunnel leading underground.

While Genki lands safely on the floor and Cobramaru hides to avoid being found by the others, the Zako squad leaders and the Zako soldiers end up in a massive heap. After asking if the Zakos were okay (which they weren't) and avoiding an attack from the angry squad leaders, Genki stated it would be a good idea to come up with a game plan. This was when the Zako squad leaders ran into conflict over who should be the leader and whose plan was the best. Grappler Gouf wanted to capture the ship, Destroyer Dom wanted to find weapons and Zapper Zaku wanted to find flowers and make sure that they had been watered. However, it was Genkimaru who came up with the wisest course of action: finding the exit of the cave. The Zakos, deciding that getting out of the cave would be a wise decision, made Genkimaru their new leader (even referring to him as "Lord Genkimaru"). This was the creation of the Genki Energy Force.

The group continued through the caves until they reached an area of Lacroa that had not been petrified by the BaguBagu. Smelling food, Genkimaru found a bunch of bananas. He soon discovered that the Dark Axis soldiers didn't just hate organic material: they were scared of it. Despite this, Genkimaru ate the Lacroan bananas (which apparently had different flavors, such as pizza, beef jerky and chocolate). However, Genki left the peels behind, which made the cleaning-obsessed Zapper Zaku angry (although he did clean the banana peels up).

Later on, Genkimaru told Grappler Gouf and the other Zakos his plan: Once they made it out of the cave and into Ark (which he believed was connected to the caves that they were in), they were to help him create a huge army that he would use to conquer Ark. Destroyer Dom seemed enthusiastic about the plan, but Grappler Gouf had his doubts.

Suddenly, some of the Zakos noticed a patch of tulips, which sent Zapper Zaku into a frenzy. However, as the Genki Energy Force decided to check the area out, they were beset upon by a massive BaguBagu. It soon became apparent that the Genki Energy Force was outmatched in power and in numbers, as a group of regular-sized BaguBagu joined the alpha BaguBagu. Genkimaru was soon made the target of the alpha BaguBagu and would have died if Cobramaru hadn't "saved" him. However, Genkimaru quickly escaped using his portal technique.

He landed upon the giant BaguBagu, where he promptly attacked the beast with the "Ark Style" version of the technique Ultimate Axe of Masakuri: Electric Devil Shock. Though this damaged the beast, it didn't defeat it. Instead, it flew away (along with the other BaguBagus), with Genkimaru clinging onto his axe (which was still in the BaguBagu's head) for dear life. He eventually fell asleep and was returned to his troops by Cobramaru. Soon, a river of Mmns washed the Genki Energy Force (along with Bakunetsumaru and a badly damaged, revenge-seeking Tallgeese) away.

Leaving Lacroa

Genkimaru wasn't seen again until episode 37: "Fierce Fight! Deathscythe, the Knight of Darkness". He was first seen when he washes up along with the Genki Energy Force, Bakunetsumaru, Tallgeese and Cobramaru through a hole in the wall caused by the river of Mmns. He was quick to inform Baku (who was afraid of drowning) that he was no longer in water.

Captain quickly organized a regroup at the Gundamusai. Genki ordered his men to grab the petrified Princess Rele so that they could escape. The Genki Energy Force quickly grabbed the Princess, as well as Destroyer Dom (who was riding Grappler Gouf like a horse) and Zapper Zaku. Reaching the ship, they decided to stop and watch the fighting commence. Thanks due to the Feather Dragon, Zero easily beat Deathscythe and saved his friends. However, the collision between the Steel Dragon and its sibling opened a dimensional rift, which quickly enveloped the ship.

Rele Restored

In episode 38: "Princess Rele Revived", Genkimaru was first seen watching in awe as the ship was swallowed by the beam of energy from the previous episode. The beam sent the Gundamusai (along with its crew) back into the Minov Boundary Sea. The transport device was still damaged, meaning that the Gundam Force would need to find another way out. While they went off to figure that out, the Genki Energy Force retreated. Genkimaru tried to stop them, but he was caught by Bakunetsumaru and taken to the bridge.

Genkimaru was among those who saw Princess Rele become depetrified. When Zero began introducing everyone to Princess Rele, Genkimaru told him to stop calling him a kid (saying that he had to feel her face).

Soon afterwards, the Genki Energy Force (minus Genkimaru) staged another mutiny. They threatened to destroy the Re-Equip Ring unless their demands were met. Genkimaru said that they were lost without him as their leader.

Afterwards, as Rele got carried away with her gift-giving, Genkimaru laughed at his comrades' current state.

The Professor's Attack

In episode 39: "Gerbera's Invitation", Genkimaru actually slept throughout the entire episode. Princess Rele carried him along with the Zakorello Phone and the flower that was once the fake Princess Rele down to the passageway.

Genkimaru wasn't seen again until the very end of the episode. When he asks "What'd I miss?", Bakunetsumaru responds with "You missed everything". Shocked, he quickly rushed to Captain, who had become severely damaged in the fight with Professor Gerbera.

Genki is last heard saying that if the Dark Axis attacks again, he'd "show them who's boss".

Kibaomaru's Assault

In episode 40: "Kibaomaru's Attack!", Genkimaru is first seen wondering out loud if Captain will be okay. Chief Haro insisted that the Gundam Force (Princess Rele and Genki included) return to Neotopia. However, Genkimaru wasn't planning on doing it, since he wanted to defeat Kibaomaru. Luckily, Captain was voted as the first to be transported due to his massive injuries.

Little did the Gundam Force realize that Captain would be the only one getting teleported to Neotopia. Genkimaru noticed something coming towards the ship: an attack from Dark Axis forces. A beam struck the port engine, followed by a second beam that struck the bridge's communication devices, disabled the ship along with the transport device. The attacker was none other than Kibaomaru himself on his chariot Oshogo. Genkimaru attempted to rush off to fight Kibaomaru, but failed due to Shute grabbing him.

Bakunetsumaru and Zero rushed out to fight Kibaomaru. However, he didn't want to fight; in fact, all he wanted was Genkimaru. If the Gundam Force were to give Genki to Kibaomaru, he claimed he would spare them. The Gundam Force refused, leaving Kibaomaru no choice but to take Genkimaru by force.

It soon became apparent to Princess Rele that Genkimaru and Kibaomaru were of the same blood line. Suddenly, Cobramaru (who had been in hiding since the Gundamusai's return to the Minov Boundary Sea) attacked, using a smoke bomb to cover his kidnapping of Genkimaru and escape. Having sliced the Gundamusai in half, Kibaomaru picked up Cobramaru and made his escape. The Gundam Force (minus Captain) was still hot on his trail. Wishing to be rid of his foes, Kibaomaru used one of his ultimate techniques, which created a crack in the Minov Boundary Sea.

As his foes were being pulled towards what seemed like certain death, Kibaomaru applauded Cobramaru's acquisition of Genkimaru. Kibaomaru soon lost Genkimaru due to an ambush by Shute and Princess Rele. Using his glue gun, Shute freed Genki from Cobramaru's clutches. He would have fallen to his death if Shute hadn't grabbed him. Urged by Shute, Genkimaru teleported far enough away to pull Cobramaru away from Kibaomaru.

Arrival in Ark

In episode 41: "Shute and the Princess Captured!", Genkimaru was first seen teleporting onto the bridge of the Gundamusai. Genkimaru had a plan to save the Gundam Force since he felt he owed Shute for saving him earlier. Opening a large portal in the Minov Boundary Sea, Genki let RAIMI send the Gundamusai's bridge through. Sadly, the portal was too small. Luckily, the Daishogun of Perfect Virtue showed up and saved them by using his mystic powers to shove the Gundamusai's bridge through. Genkimaru soon fell asleep.

He was not seen again until the end of the episode. He was still asleep, while Zero commented on how well he slept.

In episode 42: "War-Torn Ark", Genkimaru was first seen as Zero put him in a safe place so that, when he woke up, he wouldn't get himself hurt. He was soon found by one of the Nobusshi samurai and taken to the camp of Britainmaru along with Bakunetsumaru (who was believed to be deceased by his fellow warriors) and Zero.

Around halfway into the episode, Genkimaru finally woke up and landed on the ground with a thud. He quickly realized that he was in Ark and began a celebratory dance. After noticing Britainmaru and taking note of his age (which resulted in a scolding from Bakunetsumaru), he decided to introduce himself. However, during his introduction, one of the orbs used for his name in Japanese (which was orange in contrast to the yellow orbs he used and he had hid during his last introduction for some unknown, but important, reason) revealed that he was a member of the Kibao family. He also accidentally revealed that he was Kibaomaru's son. The final piece of evidence that proved he was of the Kibao family was when the axe he carried was actually found to be a knife that had the Kibao family's emblem on it.

Genkimaru, Bakunetsumaru and Zero were then placed in a pit that served as a makeshift prison. During his imprisonment, Genki revealed that he was estranged to Kibaomaru and sought revenge on him for abandoning his mother. Zero quickly escaped the prison, but was soon thrown back in after being caught attempting to take the Baku Shin armor.

Before Zero could attempt another escape, a large explosion ripped the jail wide open, sending Genki, Baku and Zero out. The cause of this destruction was a partially-damaged Big Zam that was being piloted by the Zako forces from the Gundamusai. The Big Zam soon set its sights on the few members of the Gundam Force near its foot. It would have destroyed them, but luckily, Captain Gundam (who had recovered from his fight with Professor Gerbera and had a new body) saved them all. Bakunetsumaru, Zero and Genkimaru were in awe of Captain Gundam and his new abilities. Sadly, Britainmaru believed that two ordinary Nobusshi samurai were responsible for felling the Big Zam, leaving the Gundam Force still untrusted by Britainmaru and his forces.

Gaining Britainmaru's Trust

Genkimaru was next seen in episode 44: "Bakushinmaru, Flare Up!". He is first seen with Bakunetsumaru as Baku tries to clear up who really destroyed the Big Zam that had attacked that morning; Britainmaru, sadly, still didn't believe the disgraced Musha.

He was next seen with Bakunetsumaru as he asked what could be done to prove he was pure. Britainmaru suggested that Baku should put the Baku Shin armor on to see if he was still pure of heart. Baku quickly complied and went to put the armor on, with Genkimaru watching with baited breath. Sadly, the armor burned Bakunetsumaru just as he touched it, leaving Genkimaru less than impressed.

Soon, a message was sent out by Kibaomaru: if Genkimaru was given to him, then Shute and Princess Rele would be set free. The message left Genkimaru severely annoyed. The Gundam Force was soon escorted back to the prison cell, where Bakunetsumaru told Genkimaru not to do anything by himself. Genki then became annoyed and suggested a bold smash-and-grab plan to save Shute and the Princess.

Just as the Gundam Force was going to be put in jail again, an explosion alerted the guards to an attack on Britainmaru. The attackers were the four brothers of Cobramaru Black: Cobramaru Red, Cobramaru Blue, Cobramaru Yellow and Cobramaru Green. Bakunetsumaru quickly ran off to save his lord, with Genkimaru telling him to wait. The Gundam Force rushed towards the main camp, unaware that Cobramaru Black was watching. He planned to kidnap Genkimaru, but was scared off by Captain.

Genkimaru and Bakunetsumaru were going to save Britainmaru, but a series of Nobusshi troops that had been brainwashed by the Cobramaru clan (minus Cobramaru Black) attacked them. Luckily, Zero quickly restrained them, allowing Baku to go onwards. Before going on, Baku told Genkimaru to go find a safe place to hide, which annoyed the little Musha.

Genkimaru was next seen giving Bakunetsumaru his swords back so that he could fight the Cobramaru clan. However, Baku was still at a disadvantage: The Cobramaru clan quickly turned invisible (much to Genkimaru's shock). Realizing that Baku would be torn apart easily, Genki ran off to find something that could reveal the Cobramaru clan. He soon made mud balls, which he threw at the area around Baku so that he could actually see his attackers. However, he got a little carried away and accidentally hit Britainmaru. Regardless, Baku thanked Genkimaru for his help. However, Genki was soon targeted by an aggravated Cobramaru Red and would have died if Bakunetsumaru hadn't saved the young Musha.

The Cobramaru clan then tried to take care of Britainmaru once and for all, but Bakunetsumaru took all eight of the blows that were given out, leaving Genki wondering why he would do something like that. Soon, a large explosion occurred nearby. Genkimaru was amazed by it because the explosion was from the Baku Shin armor, which soon fused with Bakunetsumaru because he had a pure heart due to his finally understanding the pain of others. Genkimaru watched in amazement as Bakunetsumaru became Bakushinmaru.

Genkimaru was last seen staring in amazement at Bakushinmaru, saying "Now that's what I call a samurai!" as Britainmaru's forces cheered for their returned comrade and the victory against the now-deceased Cobramarus (minus Cobramaru Black).

On Kibaomaru's Territory

Genkimaru was next seen in episode 45: "Gundam Force Assembled!" He was first seen sitting behind a tree. When Bakunetsumaru asked what was wrong, Genkimaru said "Nothing"; Baku, however, understood that Genki wanted to be a part of the fight, but he was still a little kid. He then promised Genkimaru that he'd "be active again very soon". Genkimaru wanted to participate in the battle so badly because he still felt that he owed a debt to Shute for saving his life.

Genkimaru wasn't seen again until the very end of the episode, where he surrendered to Kibaomaru in exchange for his friends, completely unaware that they had already escaped.

In episode 46: "The Tears of Cobramaru", Genkimaru was first seen standing in front of Tenchijo Castle as it stopped to bring him on board. Kibaomaru returned from his errand to the Dark Axis HQ only seconds afterwards, saying it was nice of Genki to come by. As Kibaomaru led Genki into the castle to discuss Shute and Rele's release, Cobramaru Black returned in an attempt to regain his master's favor. Kibaomaru, however, was tired of the constant failures of his former best agent. Burning the emblem that was proof that Cobramaru Black was in Kibaomaru's service, Kibaomaru knocked Cobramaru aside, beckoning Genki to come along with him.

Genkimaru was then taken to the holding area of Daishinshou. Genki then spotted the replicas of Shute and Rele that were used for their escape. Genkimaru (not realizing that the Shute and Rele he saw were fake at the time) greeted his friends. Trying to see why his friends didn't answer, he attempted to jump to the platform they were on only to be grabbed by Kibaomaru. The evil Musha then made his plan clear: Genkimaru was to open a portal so that Kibaomaru could enter and control Daishinshou. It didn't take long for Genki to realize that if Kibaomaru had control of Daishinshou, he'd also have control of Ark. Deciding to stall for time, Genkimaru demanded 100 rice balls (using the excuse that he couldn't use his portal technique when he was hungry).

Later, when Cobramaru was attacking Britainmaru's camp for one last chance to prove himself, Genkimaru noted that Cobramaru's frontal attack on Britainmaru was a sign of desperation. While no one was watching, Genki saw Shute and Rele fade if only for a moment. Throwing a plate through a portal he made, it went through both Shute and Rele, revealing them to be fakes.

Genkimaru was next seen as Cobramaru Black (who had lost in a fight against Hyper Captain) crashed into Tenchijo. Kibaomaru, who had grown tired of Cobramaru's endless failures, demanded that Cobramaru Black go into exile and never return. Bothered by Cobramaru's loyalty to Kibaomaru, Genki jumped down and told the last of the Cobramaru clan that it would be wiser to stand against Kibaomaru instead of stand alongside him. Genki also gave Cobramaru a rice ball to help with his injuries. Genkimaru was last during this episode seen being taken back into the castle, saying to Cobramaru that he'd be thinking about their next move.

In episode 47: "Musha Daishinshou Unleashed!", Genkimaru was first seen finishing his 200th rice ball (according to Kibaomaru). Genkimaru knew, however, that he couldn't keep things up forever, as even he could only eat so much.

Unexpectedly, when he went to take a drink of his tea, he saw a message that was being projected by Cobramaru via the Black Armor's tail. It was through these transmissions that he learned that Shute and Rele had escaped a long time ago and that he should get out of there as well. He silently thanked Cobramaru, saying that now he had "no worries".

Some time later, as Britainmaru's army made a frontal assault of the castle, Genkimaru tried to stall for more time by asking if he could take a nap; sadly, Kibaomaru had reached the end of his patience. As the Gundam Force attacked from the rear of the castle (which Kibaomaru expected), he took Genki to Daishinshou's holding area so that the giant Musha could be controlled. Genkimaru, however, tried to stall for more time by asking for dessert. However, Kibaomaru's idea of desserts was giving Genki his "just desserts". He also threatened the lives of his hostages if Genkimaru didn't do as he said (unaware that Genkimaru had already found out that Shute and Rele had escaped). Playing along with Kibaomaru (to make it seem that he had no other choice but to awaken Daishinshou), Genki began to open a portal but stopped as he farted in Kibaomaru's face (saying "excuse me" afterwards to make it look like an accident). Genki then completed the portal after some violent prodding. With Daishinshou open, Kibaomaru grabbed Genki and took him into Daishinshou with him. Just then, Shute and Bakunetsumaru arrived to save Genkimaru, but they arrived too late.

It took only a moment for Daishinshou to activate. As Kibaomaru celebrated his victory, Genkimaru unsheated the knife he had disguised as an axe and prepared to stab Kibaomaru. Meanwhile, Daishinshou released himself from his bonds and then used Genkimaru's technique to escape the castle. Free at last, Daishinshou beckoned his blade, the giant sword, Dairyogokugiken, to his side.

A short while later, as Kibaomaru began to gloat, Genkimaru stabbed him. As Kibaomaru went to teach Genki a lesson, he saw his family's emblem on the knife that Genkimaru was using. Kibaomaru asked Genkimaru where he obtained that weapon, but as he did, he was enveloped by a green sphere that sent him out of Daishinshou. Genkimaru then realized he was in control of Daishinshou and prepared to defeat Kibaomaru. Moving in front of Tenchijo, Genkimaru did his best to hold the mobile castle back. Realizing that Genkimaru was dangerous while in control of Daishinshou, Kibaomaru ordered all defenses to fire on the massive Gundam. However, the weapons had no effect at all due to Daishinshou's massive amount of armor. Genkimaru then grabbed the emblem cannon on front of Tenchijo and attempted to pull it out. However, due to a shot from the castle, Genkimaru was knocked back. As he got to his feet, Shute revealed to Kibaomaru that Genkimaru was his son. Kibaomaru was shocked at this news, but he quickly recovered, saying that, until Genkimaru was beaten, he was Kibaomaru's enemy.

Genkimaru was last seen letting loose a primal roar.

Ending the War

In episode 48: "Tenchijo on Fire: Genkimaru's Roar!", Genkimaru is first seen letting out another roar of anger as he calls Daishinshou's sword to his side. He then shouts to Kibaomaru that he's coming for him and that he'll never be stopped.

As Kibaomaru tries to destroy Bakunetsumaru, a shot from the Tanega Rifle Tancho Crane sets Tenchijo ablaze. Genkimaru watched as the Baku Shin armor activated again, saving Baku once again. Genkimaru soon stated that there was no doubt that Kibaomaru's blood is within his veins; regardless, Genki stated that he was the only one who could defeat his father and end the war. Enraged, he charged for Tenchijo and sent Daishinshou's sword through the castle, shutting it down in the process.

Genkimaru is then seen moving to where his father lies beaten. Shute, however, protects Kibaomaru and tells Genki that killing his own father is wrong. Genkimaru, however, believes that he had it coming because Kibaomaru betrayed Ark, Genki's mother and Genki, himself. Despite protests from Shute, Kibaomaru stepped forward, saying that it was "checkmate" only, this time, he was the loser.

As Genkimaru was thinking of whether or not he should kill his father, Kibaomaru stated that if Genkimaru was his son, he would show no mercy. Likewise, Genki said that if Kibaomaru was truly his father, he wouldn't have to kill him. As the sun rose, Genkimaru made up his mind. Lifting his blade, it looked as though Kibaomaru was finished. However, Genki deliberately missed because he couldn't bring himself to kill his father (Bakushinmaru later stated that this was the right choice). Overwhelmed by the current situation, Genki burst into tears, the wall that he had built to shield his heart from others having finally broken. Soon realizing that the war hadn't ended quite yet, Genkimaru did what he felt would end the war: He grabbed Tenchijo and threw it into a nearby lake. With this, the war had ended in Ark and peace had returned. However, Daishinshou, having served its purpose, was engulfed in a sphere of light that sent Genkimaru out of it. Transforming into the Ship of the Golden Crest, Daishinshou flew away (along with the Daishogun's armor).

Just then, the Gundam Force showed up to reunite with their youngest member. While the happy reunion took place, Kibaomaru had an epiphany: The next Daishogun would be his son.

The Final Battle

In episode 49 "Prelude to Destruction: Gerbera's True Identity", Genkimaru was first seen being dragged by Shute to talk with Kibaomaru. Genki, however, told Shute he had nothing to say to his father and he told him to stop calling him Kibaomaru's son, since he didn't think of Kibaomaru as his father.

After some urging from Shute, Kibaomaru tried to build a better standing with his son. However, just as he began, a large rumble shook the very foundation of Sola Diorama. This was no earthquake, though; the Dark Axis forces had come at last to finish the General's restoration. The skies became dark, the Dark Axis fortress loomed overhead, countless Doga Bombers flew through the skies and, soon, Gerbera appeared. The mad professor then explained that, in order for the General to achieve his goal of universal destruction, everyone would need to be absorbed so the General could be complete, including the failed members of the Dark Axis (the Zakos who were members of the Genki Energy Force).

Shortly after, the General demonstrated only 0.01% of his power; the devastation, though, was unparalled by anything ever seen. Zeong then began to fire beams that would capture all Gundams in the area so that he could reach completion. Genkimaru was dodging the beams as best he could. However, he could only dodge them for so long until he tripped. He was about to be captured and absorbed by the General until Kibaomaru took the blast for him.

Once Kibaomaru had been captured by the General, Genki realized that he truly did care about his father. Unfortunately, the General cared little for love and was about to capture Genkimaru until Zero grabbed him and dropped him off in Gunpanzer. It was apparent that time was running out.

Genkimaru was next seen sitting, worried of what was to come. Soon, the SDG forces sent "Option Z" to help Captain out. Genkimaru was stunned by the impressive firepower of the device. Soon enough, Gerbera (who had been fighting Captain this entire time) was defeated; however, the General still had use for his majordomo. Blasting him with a capture beam, the General brought Gerbera to his main chamber. It was around this time that Genkimaru decided that it was time to take action. Forming a portal straight into the Dark Axis main base, Genkimaru lept through with Shute close behind.

Inside the Dark Axis HQ, Gerbera was just about to sacrifice himself until Genki and Shute popped in through Genki's portal. However, Gerbera was phased for only a moment until he attempted to commit suicide by sacrificing himself to restore the General. Though Captain tried to stop him, it was already too late for Gerbera; releasing himself from Captain's grip, he gave his life to restore the General.

Suddenly, the room itself began to quake, which could only mean one thing: the General was restored (more or less) and was ready to make his move. Ushering everyone out of the HQ, Shute and Genki prepared themselves for the final battle. During this time, Genki finally acknowledged Kibaomaru as his father. The heroes had escaped just in the nick of time. Unfortunately, so had the General... and now the final battle was at hand.

The Final Battle- Part 2

In episode 50 "Total Annihilation?! The Threat of the General!", Genkimaru was first seen standing amongst the Gundam Force, looking in fear of the General. Though the Gundam Force couldn't understand a thing that the General was saying, it was clear that he didn't intend to be friendly. The General launched several spikes into the ground, which quickly burst underneath the Gundam Force, forcing them to scatter.

However, Ark was not the only place where this was occurring; Lacroa, the Minov Boundary Sea and even Neotopia had the General's spikes growing somewhere.

Meanwhile, back in Ark, Gunpanzer was trying his best to keep Shute, Rele and Genkimaru safe. However, Gunpanzer couldn't dodge all of the spikes; soon, one of them caused him to lose balance and his passengers were sent flying. Though Shute was able to activate his jetpack in time and save Rele, he couldn't grab Genkimaru. The little Musha was going to land hard on the ground and possibly hurt himself if he hadn't been saved by an unlikely ally: Cobramaru Black, who had come to return the kindness that Genkimaru had shown him. Genkimaru was more than thrilled to have his own ninja.

Despite the new allies, the spikes continued to grow. Several of them joined together, forming what could best be described as a throne for the General. Once he had fused with it, dark lightning began to course through the spikes. This dark lightning then began to strike the Gundam Force, draining them of their power. Soon, the dark energy began to travel all over the place, draining the life out of not just robots, but also the land itself. It became apparent what the General had planned: he was going to gather enough energy to fire another laser beam; unlike his first display, however, this one would be at full power, which would end the universe as it was known.

Deciding to bring out the big guns (literally), the Gundam Force prepared to attack the General head-on. However, his armor proved to be quite powerful; not even a scratch appeared on it. The General, having grown tired of the Gundam Force, decided to destroy them. Luckily, Rele (who had been praying for help) was able to call in some back-up in the form of the Feather Dragon. Joining their strongest attacks, the Gundam Force destroyed the General's left hand.

Despite his loss, the General continued to collect as much energy as he could. Genkimaru was seen during the General's counterattack, dodging the spikes that the General threw. The General soon found where the strength of the group came from: Shute. Knowing that a victory couldn't happen if Shute wasn't taken care of, the General began to fire capture beams to grab Shute. Eventually, he snagged him and drew him into his immense Soul Drive to break him in exactly the same way that he broke Gerbera. Broadcasting Shute's torture over several screens, the General intended to demoralize the Gundam Force.

This was not the only thing that the General was up to: he was still draining everyone of their energy. Genki was last seen during this episode noting that he couldn't use his portals because of his lack of energy.

The End of the General

During episode 51 "The Final Battle! The General vs. Everyone!", it was just as the title of the episode said: a final battle made of the General fighting everyone. Still hoping to demoralize his foes, the General continued to torment Shute. However, the Gundam Force was still willing to fight to rescue their friend and stop the General. Sadly, their weakened state left the Gundam Force in a less than perfect condition.

Genkimaru was first seen during this episode telling the retreating Nobusshi to stay and fight; unfortunately, his pleas were unheard, as everyone was trying to avoid the General's attacks. The little Musha then saw something horrible: the General was gaining in power, as evident by the spikes suddenly growing smaller buds in a rapid amount of time.

Thankfully, the Gundam Force received reinforcements: GunEagle, the GunChoppers and even Chief Haro himself. With renewed vigor, the Gundam Force continued their offensive against the General. Though Shute was still in danger, everyone cheered for him, telling him to stay strong even though things looked bleak. During this, Genki told Shute to show the Gundam Force what he was made of.

The General, however, was not about to let that happen. With his still-working hand, he chased down Captain, intending to destroy him. Thankfully, RAIMI had the Gundamusai fire on the General's hand, thus destroying it. However, Captain was thrown almost to his death by the General's spikes. Genki soon showed up, stating that Captain wasn't showing his true power. Cobramaru soon elaborated: the reason Captain didn't want to use his ultimate technique was because he thought that, if he destroyed the General, he'd destroy Shute, too. Captain couldn't deny it, but Genkimaru told Captain that he should have more faith in himself. Captain said he wasn't sure if he could do it alone, but Genkimaru said that Captain was never alone. He also reminded Captain of his Soul Drive- his connection to Shute. After some more urging from the young Musha, Captain decided that he was right and that he'd just have to trust himself. Genkimaru encouraged Captain to believe in himself, along with everyone else.

Captain soon gained the energy to fight back (with a serious dose of assistance from the Superior Dragon). With everyone cheering Captain on, the finishing blow was at hand. Meanwhile, Genkimaru was seen fighting against the General's spikes alongside Cobramaru. Meanwhile, as Captain was moving in to finish the General off, the General's attempt to demoralize the Gundam Force had fallen apart and so had his attempts to siphon energy from everyone. With their energy restored, Captain, Zero and Bakushinmaru joined their collective power and delivered the final blow. The General's Soul Drive was smashed apart and, soon, so was his body (Genkimaru was left impressed). Everyone cheered following the General's demise... but the happy reunion didn't last very long. The General's head (which had somehow survived the massive blast, albeit with serious damage) was making one last attempt to obliterate the Gundam Force.

The End of the Road

However, fate seemed to favor the Gundam Force. The Zakorello Gate (which somehow managed to teleport itself to Ark) swallowed the General's death beam and redirected it at the Dark Axis HQ. The General, realizing his mistake far too late, watched as his fortress simply disappeared. The General, deciding a retreat was in order, tried to flee, but was destroyed (for good, this time) by the combined efforts of Captain, Zero, Bakushinmaru, Zapper Zaku, Grappler Gouf and Destroyer Dom.

After the General's true demise, the Zakos were worried, as they had just killed off their commanding officer. However, Zapper Zaku calmed their worries, saying the General wasn't worth it and then revealing that he had been faking his being reprogrammed the whole time. He then planned to be evil again, but reverted to his false reprogramming when the authorities showed up. Genkimaru was then seen pointing out that the world was returning to normal. With the restoration of the worlds occurring, Genkimaru (along with everyone else) cheered in happiness.

With the war over, the Feather Dragon returned to his home and Bakushinmaru reverted to Bakunetsumaru (much to everyone's enjoyment, as Baku wound up burned to a crisp by the armor). Cobramaru hoped to claim it next. but Genkimaru reminded him that he wasn't that pure yet.

However, there was still one problem: The Gundam Force now had no way to get home because the Zakorello Gate and Zakorello Phone had teleported back to their home. Luckily, Rele was more than willing to use her magic to teleport the Gundam Force back home.

Genkimaru was later seen having decided to protect Ark with the Genki Energy Force (and Bakunetsumaru, who decided to come along to keep an eye on Zapper Zaku and his men just in case they tried anything sneaky). Shute stated that he was the obvious choice because he was Kibaomaru's son and carried the emblem of Britainmaru.

As the Gundam Force was leaving, Genki said that they had better come back and visit him. Giving the command, Genkimaru had the Genki Energy Force (who had gained control of the damaged Big Zam) move out. Genki was last seen (at least, until the finale) bidding his father a farewell, offering to play a game of shogi when he came back.

When the Gundam Force had to regroup for a new mission, Rele informed Shute that Genkimaru had said "Hi" and that he was doing fine. Genki was last seen (along with everyone else) during the finale shot.


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