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General Zeong (ジェネラルジオング, Jeneraru Jiongu) is a character in Superior Defender Gundam Force.


The leader of the Dark Axis and the mastermind behind the invasions of Ark, Lacroa, and Neotopia. General Zeong is the most powerful of all the Dark Axis units, capable of destroying an entire universe. His armor is made of pure Gundanium and it can withstand several attacks while his size is formidable to his opponents. He's armed with two gigantic hand beam cannons (which are remote-controlled) and one powerful beam cannon on his head: with one blast, it can eradicate the universe on full power. His gigantic body is damaged/incomplete for unknown reasons; because of this, Zeong dispatches his minions to plunder other dimensions so he may be rebuilt. He doesn't speak English; the only language he speaks appears to be the language of the Zakos, which the other members of the Dark Axis seem to understand quite easily. He is powered by a gigantic Dark Soul Drive housed in his chest, which gives him the ability to brainwash people by playing on their darkest fears. After having successfully used this process on Madnug for years, he attempted to do the same to Shute in order to rob Captain Gundam of his own Soul Drive power. The plan ultimately failed and he was taken down by the Gundam Force, using the power of the Superior Dragon (awakened by humans and robots working as one). His head survived, but it was soon taken down by Zapper, Grappler and Destroyer, who were working with the Gundam Force.


  • General Zeong is based on the MSN-02 Perfect Zeong.
  • His ability to destroy a universe is sometimes compared to Sunrise's other mecha, the Ideon.


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