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General Septum(セプテム) is head of the United Earth Sphere Alliance's space forces where his son and father worked alongside him.


Septum was lenient on military force to subdue the colonies from declaring independence. However, during a conference between Alliance leaders, many, including Marshal Noventa, advocated demilitarization and dialogue with the colonies. Septum tried citing the Gundams are making attacks on their bases; Noventa was confident that once they carry out their plans, the Gundam pilots would understand. Then suddenly, the Gundams attack the conference, led on false information from Treize Khushrenada that all the OZ leaders were gathered. Noventa was intent on opening up to the Gundams but Treize insisted that they evacuate. However, Treize had Septum come aboard his shuttle, where he was convinced to make a public statement denouncing the Gundams and labeling their actions as having ruined of the Alliance's peace talks. Immediately after the announcement, Septum was ejected from the shuttle and shot in free-fall by Lady Une, killing him before he could even hit the ground. With the Alliance leadership dead, OZ began a coup d'état to eradicate the Alliance to install a new world order with the Romefeller Foundation in charge.

Septum also made a brief appearance in New Mobile Report Gundam Wing: Episode Zero. He first appeared in Heero's story, where Odin Lowe was set up to kill, but failed as this was a trap set up by Dekim Barton to draw him out. He also appeared in Wufei's story where he was in charge of the Alliance operation to decommission Wufei's colony A0206. His plan was to use Chemical weapons to eliminate the members of the Long Clan within the colony as part of the decommission plans. However when Sally Po, the woman he put in charge of this genocide operation objected to the operation by suggesting a more humane approach, Septum refused, believing it was the best way to remove the Long clan, which he believed was a dangerous rogue element. When this plan failed, Sally decided to falsify her report to Septum to protect the colony's inhabitants, which resulted in her being transferred to work at an Alliance hospital in Japan.


  • To date, Septum's English dub voice actor has never been identified, although the actual performance has become infamous for sounding horribly strained.


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