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Gel Trimedestus Nug (ゲル・トリメデストス・ナグ Geru Torimedesutosu Nagu?) is a supporting character in the Gundam Reconguista in G television series. He is the SU-Cord religion's pope. He preaches at the church, just below the Capital Tower.[1]


He was preaching in his Church as the cadets of the 1010th Class went up the Capital Tower.[2] Following the incident, he showed interest in Raraiya Monday, the girl who came from the sky. She was frightened of him during their first encounter. During the evening, he arrived before Wilmit Zenam and Colonel Rusita for a banquet where he met some guests from the Izanellian Continent, he told Colonel Rusita to treat them courteously.[3]

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