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At last, Judau Ashta is a member of the Argama crew. A team of three Gaza-Ds attack, but Judau is away negotiating with the junk dealers association for clearance to open an industrial airlock hatch. They're saved from this tight spot by a core fighter flown by a girl named Roux Louka from the La Vie En Rose.


Now full-fledged members of the Argama, Judau and his friends attempt to find a way to open the colony hatch so that the Argama can leave Shangri La. Meanwhile, Mashymre decides it is time to use full force against the Argama and allows the Gaza Squadron the chance to defeat the Zeta Gundam. The Gaza trio launch an attack on the Argama, while making it appear to the public as though the Argama is responsible for the damage being done to the colony. Fa launches in the Zeta Gundam to defend the crew, while Judau is held captive by Germon. However he is saved by a girl called Roux Louka, who then proceeds to use a core fighter to back up the Zeta. Eventually Judau manages to sortie with the Zeta and, with Roux's help, defeats the Gaza Squadron, which shocks Mashymre. Roux introduces herself as a new recruit sent by the La Vie en Rose supply ship to help the Argama, and the episode ends with Bright deciding it is time to leave the colony for threat of another attack and Judau assuring Bright that he will get the colony hatch open.

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