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The Gallop is a land battleship that appears in Turn A Gundam.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

A small land warfare craft that emphasized movement and speed over firepower. It floated with a hover system and propelled itself with jet engines.


  • Twin Anti-Aircraft Gun
  • Multiple Launch Rocket System


Discovered in one of the Mountain Cycles on Earth, the land battleship was christened the "Gallop" by its discovers. The land battleship was quickly put into use by the Inglessa Militia in order to combat the superior mobile suit forces of the Dianna Counter. Because of its size, the Gallop is only capable of transporting mobile suits as they sit on the back of the land battleship. During the Ghingham Fleet's assault on Earth, the Militia would deploy more Gallops, these units would be painted in camouflage colors and equipped with rocket launchers on their backs, allowing the Gallops to act as support to the Militia's mobile suit forces.

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