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Galan Mossa (ガラン・モッサ) is a fictional character from Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS anime series. His name is a pseudonym, with his real name not revealed.

Personality & Character

A mercenary, highly skilled tactician, and close friend of Rustal Elion, he gave up his family, true name, and original affiliations to become the latter's underground associate.

Skills & Abilities

Galan is a skilled tactician, as he managed to drag out the war between Arbrau and SAU for weeks by withdrawing the forces under his command whenever the advantage swung their way. In addition, he is skilled at reading his associates' psychology, skilled enough at acting to feign concern to gain their trust. He privately dismisses Tekkadan's members as animals, but bemusingly noted that they could be tamed with food and pats on the back of the head. In combat, he pilots a EB-04 Geirail.


He is secretly hired by Rustal to cause a war between Arbrau and the SAU by taking Makanai Togonosuke and Chad, Tekkadan's leader on Earth, out of action and causing panic at the Arbrau Defense Force's inauguration. It is hoped that by showing McGillis' inability to end the war between Arbrau and the SAU quickly, his credentials would be severely diminished.

After the bombing, Galan is placed in charge of Arbrau and Tekkadan's forces with his own force of Mobile Suits. With the help of Radice, he manipulated the war into forcing Tekkadan's Earth Branch into non-stop skirmishing, dulling their senses and forcing them to rely on him for strategy. The battles eventually pit the Earth Branch against McGillis Fareed and results in the death of Aston Altland.

After Mikazuki and the others from Mars intervene, he and his mercenaries withdraw from the battlefield and try to reach the African Union. Unfortunately, they are sold out by Radice and were defeated, with Galan defeated by an enraged Akihiro. On the verge of being crushed inside the cockpit, he activates his unit's self destruct system before silently apologizing to Rustal. Unfortunately for Tekkadan, since Galan conduct his business through his Geirail's computer, there are no evidence that links him to Rustal.

Despite his death, Galan's words is still remembered by Akihiro during his battle against the JPT Trust.


  • Rustal Elion - Rustal is a long-time friend of Galan from their military training days. Galan later went underground to support Rustal's scheming outside of normal channels.

Notes & Trivia

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