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Gaelio Bauduin (ガエリオ・ボードウィン Gaerio Bōdouin?) is a character that appears in the Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS anime series.

Personality & Character

Gaelio Bauduin is an easygoing, relaxed person. He is talkative and outgoing as well and tries to be humourous. He seems to be more impulsive and more irritable than his collegue, McGillis Fareed, and doesn't seem to care as much about being so serious and professional at work. Gaelio seems to have somewhat of an ego as well, as he seemed to get rather annoyed when McGillis suggested that perhaps Mikazuki was a better pilot and for that reason he beat him. He is, however, highly intelligent and can think critically in his line of work as an inspector when he feels like doing so.

Skills & Abilities

Gaelio is a smart inspector and is also able to put together pieces of puzzles when working with McGillis. He isn't too trusting of everyone, which makes him a good inspector as he won't fall for anything people tell him. Gaelio is also a skilled mobile suit pilot, however he tends to rush into battle and not think about how to attack as McGillis does, especially against Mikazuki. Although he may tend to be impulsive as a pilot, he can still surprise the enemy at times, such as when he grabbed Mikazuki's in Barbatos with his claw and tried to drag him down.


Gaelio is from the noble Bauduin family, another one of the Seven Stars of Gjallarhorn, so Gaelio has a lot of influence in Gjallarhorn. The Bauduin and Fareed family seem to have a close alliance and have had a long relationship.


Almiria Bauduin - Gaelio continually calls his nine year old sister a little girl to tease her, although Almiria refuses to accept that she is one as she is getting married with McGillis. Gaelio loves his sister and cares for her very much, although he likes to antagonize her and contradict her in a teasing way, as siblings would do. Likewise, Almiria loves and cares vey much about Gaelio, but gets annoyed when Gaelio calls her a little girl or antagonizes her in front of McGillis.

McGillis Fareed - Gaelio is pretty much his right hand man, his good friend and future brother-in-law. He likes to talk around McGillis and is very open and relaxed around him, and will give good advice and acts like a second conscience for McGillis in their inspections. Their relationship might extend back to when they were children, based on the fact that their the Fareed parents and Bauduin parents arranged a marriage for McGillis and Gaelio's sister, Almiria Bauduin. He seemingly mocks him at the fact that he is getting promoted (Episode 9). Gaelio was assigned to be McGillis' bodyguard per agreement of the Fareed and Bauduin families.

Mikazuki Augus - Gaelio got off on the wrong foot with Mikazuki, although it was mostly Mikazuki's fault for choking him as Gaelio wanted to make sure that Cookie and Cracker weren't run over by their car. Gaelio seems to have a thing against Mikazuki after that choking, and when fighting against him in his Schwalbe Graze in Episode 5, he recognized Mikazuki's "impertinent voice" and called Mikazuki a "space rat" while trying to pull him down to Mars and shoot him. He also calls Mikazuki a "twerp" in Episode 6. So Gaelio doesn't take so kindly to Mikazuki and he seems to be developing some strong feelings of distaste for Mika.

Ein Dalton - Gaelio made Ein his direct subordinate after Ein joined up with McGillis and his crew on their cruiser. Although he is nice to Ein and tries to talk with him, he calls him "a boring man" because Ein is more soft-spoken.


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