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The "G Team" is the group of the five Gundam pilots from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, sent to Earth at the beginning of Operation Meteor. Each pilot was trained by a separate Gundam scientist at different colonies. Initially the pilots, except for Quatre Winner, were unwilling to cooperate, but they eventually worked together during the Eve Wars. The team is led by Quatre, though Chang Wufei serves as leader in the Glory of the Losers manga re-telling while Quatre serves as tactical advisor. The following is a chart containing the pilot's and his mobile suit's name, colony cluster of origin, and affiliated scientist.

# Pilot Gundam Place of Origin Gundam Scientist
01 Heero Yuy Wing Gundam,
Wing Zero
L1 Colony Cluster Doctor J
02 Duo Maxwell Deathscythe,
Deathscythe Hell
L2 Colony Cluster Professor G
03 Trowa Barton Heavyarms,
Heavyarms Custom
L3 Colony Cluster Doctor S
04 Quatre Raberba Winner Sandrock,
Sandrock Custom
L4 Colony Cluster Professor H
05 Chang Wufei Shenlong,
L5 Colony Cluster Master O