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The GS-A0 Queen Amelias is the successor to the GGH-001C Halphas Böse and made its first appearance in SD Gundam G Generation Over World. The unit is piloted by its main antagonist, Code Amelias.

Technology & Combat Characteristics


  • Beam Whip
  • Servant Funnels
Queen Amelias's Funnels are based off the Funnel weapons used by mobile weapons throughout all the eras. When inactive they're connected to the head of the Queen Amelias and give off the image of hair.
  • Blaze Ray

System Features

  • Guardidancer
Guard units that can attach themselves to the Queen Amelias to give off the image of a robe/coat. When attached they greatly reduce all incoming damage inflicted upon the Queen Amelias. When the need arises the Queen Amelias can order the Guardidancers to reveal their true forms and to assail the enemies of the Queen Amelias.
The Guardidancers can also be used with great effect to corner other mobile weapons or to even hold them in place as the Queen Amelias prepares its own attacks at a safe distance. Should the Queen Amelias find itself in grave danger or if it needs to make a quick retreat it can purge the Guardidancers for increased mobility at the cost of losing some offensive capabilities as well as all the defensive benefits the Guardidancers provided.


The existence of the Queen Amelias is first hinted at when the Guardidancers it combines with appeared suddenly during Code Phoenix's breaking-and-entering into the Generation System. Both Guardidancers always fight as a singular unit, and quickly seized the GGH-001 Halphas Gundam with Arby (actually Aplodia Neuro in disguise, her identity further obscured by the personality shift caused by restraining her power). Regardless, Phoenix entered cyberspace and defeated the Guardidancers, which promptly escaped. After she defeated the GNC-666 Balbadoro and reclaimed its power, Code Amelias would go on to create the Queen Amelias to solidify her position.

In LAST: Awakening Relic of Overworld Mode, Code Amelias would fight against Code Phoenix and Aplodia Neuro. She would use it to great effect against two of them as he fought against her very short-lived regime. Despite her defeat for the first time, Code Amelias would continue fighting even after the Guardidancers are destroyed. But, after her defeat for the second time, Code Amelias reverted to her true form and would retreat in the damaged Queen Amelias as Code Phoenix chased after her in the GGF-000 Master Phoenix.

This is the one and only time the Queen Amelias would ever actively participate in actual combat. Despite this the Queen Amelias was able to demonstrate a vast amount of power which at that point was unrivaled by any mobile weapon before it.




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