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GREAT ADVENTURE OF GUNDAM is a one-shot manga published by Cyber Comix in issue number 8. It is a parody manga in the style of an American comic.


In Colony City, the villainous Zaku from the Zeon Society and his minions are wreaking havoc. Gungirl and Gunboy see this, and Gunboy uses his Super Gundarium Alloy mirror to call for the help of Alex Kämpfer, who is also the superhero Gundam.

Alex Kämpfer is in the middle of a football game when he saw the signal. Even though his team is one point away from winning, he quickly transforms into Gundam and flies off. Zaku and his minions are no match for Gundam, and Gundam saves the girl captured by Zaku, who gives him a kiss, to the jealousy of Gungirl.


  • Alex Kämpfer
The quarterback of the football team Colony Buffalos, he can transform into the superhero Gundam.
  • Gunboy
Alex's child sidekick, he rides a Guntank wheelchair and has a mirror that can project a distress signal that summons Gundam, similar to the Bat Signal.
  • Gungirl
A cheerleader who's in love with Alex.
  • Zaku
A member of the villainous Zeon Society.



  • All the English dialogue in the comic are gibberish apparently taken from various news articles, with Japanese "translations" providing the actual dialogue.

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