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The GP03-2 Dendrobium II is a mass-production mobile armor based on the RX-78GP03 Gundam "Dendrobium". It only appeared in the Mobile Suit Gundam G-STRATEGY (2003) game book.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The GP03-2 Dendrobium II is descended from the RX-78GP03, the product of the Gundam Development Project, following the Orchis' concept of combining heavy firepower and agility. The Dendrobium II was designed to be a smaller, more simplified version of the Dendrobium. The Dendrobium II featured a more conventional design: with the addition of large forward swept wings, the GP03-2 was capable of atmospheric flight. The Dendrobium II was composed of two units; a fighter aircraft, and a mobile weapon unit. Like the Orchis, the aircraft is docked with the unmanned unit, and required the piloted craft for it to function. The Dendrobium II mounted a single I-field barrier generator above the center line fuselage, and was capable of nullifying incoming enemy beam-weapons fire. The GP03-2 was armed with two powerful mega beam cannons, and carried missiles stored in weapons containers situated on both sides of the I-Field generator.


  • Mega Beam Cannon
  • Large Focusing Missile
  • Small Focusing Missile

System Features

  • I-Field Generator

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