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Gundam Nucleus (GN) Particles are exotic particles in Mobile Suit Gundam 00 that are created by GN Drives and GN Tau Drives. These highly unique and previously unobserved particles are the foundation of modern mobile suit technology, and the cornerstone of Aeolia Schenberg's plan.


Unlike standard-flavour particles of the same class, GN Particles are decayed baryons and are responsive to an unspecified machine-producible interactive force: because of this, Celestial Being exploits these particles for a variety of uses. GN particles are prominently used for stealth purposes as the discharged particles can cause electromagnetic interference, leaving conventional communication and radar devices useless, to create particle based barrier, in beam weaponry, as GN Vernier propellant, and a particle coating that enhances both the sharpness (aka. cutting ability) of physical blades and the durability of armor. They also have the potential to disrupt electronic equipment (as opposed to just interfering with EMW communication such as radio waves).[2]

The GN Particles also facilitate atmospheric entry, as the particles can shield mobile suit from the aerodynamic heating caused by the adiabatic compression during atmospheric entry.[3] Another special ability of GN Particles is the manipulation of mass and therefore weight (which is the pull of gravity on mass). As a result, GN Particles can increase or decrease the mass/weight of an object. An example of the former is used by the GN Hammer to increase its destructive power, while the latter is used by the bulky GN-005 Gundam Virtue to make it lighter than the SVMS-01 Union Flag. Using the flow of the GN Particles within an object, it becomes possible to control the mass/weight of various parts of this object and this property is used by GN-mobile suits to improve their mobility and movement.[4]

Particle Color List & Descriptives

At the basic level, all variations of the GN Drive produce the same GN Particles. Their differing visual colors and other effects comes from the particles being tuned to respond to various wavelengths.[5] For example, Celestial Being's original GN Drives emit their particles at a wavelength corresponding to the green portion of the visible spectrum. Here is a list of all the GN Particle color types in the series and their general properties:

  • Red - Used by all the known GN Drive Taus(aka imitation solar furnaces/pseudo-solar reactors) during A.D. 2308. These particles are optimised for beam performance by having high compression rates.[6] However, a side-effect of this is that they are toxic to the human body while in beam form[6][5] although this does not extend to their emissions.[7] The GNW-20000 Arche Gundam visually appears to be using this type even in A.D. 2312, although it is unclear whether it only uses the same color with different effects or if it truly is the same type.
  • Orange - The most common place particle type used after A.D. 2311. At this point in time, the GN Drive Tau (Tau Drive) particles are no longer poisonous even in beam form due to improvements made to the Tau Drives.[8] However it is not clear what their properties are (such as whether they retain the beam potency specialization of the reds) or specific information about said improvements that was done to the Tau Drives.
  • Green - Only used and generated by Celestial Being's Original GN Drives(aka solar furnaces/solar reactors). They become pink when used in beam form and are generally balanced from a performance standpoint.[5]
  • Purple - These are emitted from ELS-assimilated GN Particle machines. After the assimilation, the once orange GN Particles and beams produced by the Tau Drives turn purple in appearance.[9] The same effect applies to green GN Particle devices.[9] Information about their specific properties or any possible differences are not known at this point.

"GN Tau Particles"

The technology originated from Innovators, specifically from Innovade Ribbons Almark; it's stolen CB technology, extracted from Veda. The particles are the source and power to United Nations Forces' GNX-603T GN-Xs; the technology would later passed on to the Earth Sphere Federation and A-Laws. It should be noted that the term "GN Tau Particles" is an unofficial term only used to differentiate the GN Particles created by the Tau Drives with the GN Particles created by the Original Drives(all of them are "GN Particles" with some slight differences with each other). The main difference in appearance and effects comes from the compression rates and the treatment given to them.

Since the Tau Drives have electrical consumptions concerns when producing particles, they produced less on average and can afford less on beams. In order to maximize their power, the GN particles undergo a special treatment which greatly improves their efficiency in beam weapons. However, a side effect of prolonged exposure is particle poisoning when the subject is exposed to high concentrations of the particles (almost exclusively found in beams); the normal emissions of the Tau Drives in A.D. 2307 themselves are harmless.

By A.D. 2312, the Tau Drives have been improved and no longer produce the same hazardous "radiation poisoning"-like effects even in beam form. It is unknown at this point in time whether the wavelength of the particles is intrinsic to the Drives or whether it can be changed with just some slight/minor adjustments.

GN Particle Poisoning

The particles generated by the Tau Drives in A.D. 2308 can cause cellular damage when exposed to high concentrations, which cannot be repaired through 24th-century medical science. They're optimized for beam weaponry because the GN Drive Tau has a lower maximum instantaneous output. Although, this made the beam weapons of the Gundam Thrones and GN-Xs more economically efficient than those used by Celestial Being, the beams created in this manner have the unfortunate side effect of poisonous radioactive emissions at the point of impact, although it should be noted that in emission form the particles are still harmless.[10] In certain high concentration and energy(possibly weaponsed) forms, even green GN Particles of Original Drives pre-3rd Generation Gundams may produce radiation poisoning such as the incident involving GNY-004 Gundam Plutone. By using the toxicity reports from this incident, adjustments were made to the Original Drive Gundams/Condensers so that the particles will not be poisonous anymore under any circumstances.[11]

The life threatening effects of the Tau particle poisoning can be suppressed with medication. Although by 2312, Tau particle generation technology have advanced and the particles used by the new GN Drive Tau no longer present the same radiological hazard as the older ones.[12] There are a few ways where one can be cured with of the radiation poisoning which include being affected by a certain purified type of GN Particle[13] or by using certain Innovade-related nanomachines in order to heal the damaged telomeres.[11]

Quantum Effect

GN Particles in Trans-Am can stimulate evolution of quantum brainwaves (as seen with Setsuna F. Seiei) and eventually turn them into Innovators. The full extent of the physical changes to the human condition are undefined, but those who are exposed can temporarily detect and/or project their thoughts, feelings, and intentions to other people within a limited area (using the source of the GN Particles as a point of origin).

Innovation of Humans

According to Ian Vashti, Innovation is caused by the GN Particles' special energy state during Trans-Am. He also theorized that it is possible for the effects of this state to be felt regardless of range, and worries that other genuine Innovators has awoken as a result of the Earth Sphere Federation's possession of the technology. He is worried that they will notice this trait.[14]

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