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The GNZ-007 Gaddess (aka Gaddess) is a mobile suit introduced in season two of Mobile Suit Gundam 00 and is piloted by Anew Returner.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Gaddess is one of the "GNZ series" mobile suits developed and used exclusively by the Innovades that called themselves Innovators.[1][2][3][4] This GN Drive Tau-equipped machine is a variant of the GNZ-003 Gadessa, and was made specifically for Anew Returner, a spy who had infiltrated Celestial Being.[1][2][3][4] Unlike the other Innovators who are combat-type, Anew is an intelligence gathering-type, so her mobile suit was equipped with multiple wireless, remote-controlled weaponry, the GN Beam Saber Fangs, to avoid direct combat as much as possible.[1][2][5][6] The basic tactics of the Gaddess focused on avoidance of direct combat, with the GN Beam Saber Fangs also used to keep enemies away, creating a gap for the mobile suit to escape.[1][2][5]

Despite this, the Gaddess is capable of close combat with its handheld GN Heat Saber, and has the same forearm-mounted GN Vulcans and GN Cutters as the Gadessa.[2][3][6][7] Like the other GNZ series machine, the Gaddess can receive support from the quantum processing system, Veda, granting it performance superior to ordinary mobile suits'.[4][8] The GNZ series was also said to have performance comparable to the Gundams, as the design data of the previous generations of Gundams stored within Veda served as the basis for their development.[2][8] While the Gaddess' basic performance is not much different from the other machines in the series, it is greatly affected by Anew's low combat skills, and this resulted in the mobile suit's combat ability being inferior to the Gadessa's.[2][6]

As the Gaddess adopted the same body structure as the Gadessa, it has similar features such as a "Line Sensor" on its forehead for enhanced information gathering ability, feet that only unfold for ground contact, the "Core Fighter" escape unit, etc.[2][6][9][10] For long-range, high-speed travel, the Gaddess can equip a pair of optional leg-mounted booster units that are also used by other GNZ series mobile suits.[5][7][10][11] As one of the variants of the Gadessa, the Gaddess is also known as a "Gadessa-series" machine.[3][4][12][13] After the Innovators' defeat, the Gadessa-series machines, including the Gaddess, served as the basis for the Celestial Being's CB-002 Raphael Gundam, while the Earth Sphere Federation Forces utilized their technologies in the GNMA-Y0002V Gadelaza.[13][14][15][16]


  • GN Beam Saber Fang
The GN Beam Saber Fangs are seven wireless, remote-controlled weaponry that function as the Gaddess' main armament, two are stored on each shoulder and three on the waist.[2][4][6][7] Also known simply as "Fangs", they emit a beam saber made of GN Particles from the slit on their tip, and can conduct all-range attacks, in which they assault the enemy unit from multiple directions at once.[2][3][6][7] The other slits on the Fangs are GN Verniers for propulsion and attitude control.[2] Operating primarily in the medium-range combat zone, these Fangs enable the Gaddess to avoid direct combat, and are also used to prevent enemies from closing in, allowing the mobile suit to escape.[1][2][12][17] The GN Beam Saber Fangs have limited supply of GN Particles like most remote-controlled weaponry[12][18], and presumably must return to the Gaddess for recharging.
  • GN Heat Saber
A handheld sword with a physical blade that can be heated to a high temperature to increase its cutting ability.[2][3][6][7] The GN Heat Saber also functions as an antenna for controlling the GN Beam Saber Fangs, and if it is lost, the remote control range as well as the number of Fangs that can be controlled simultaneously will drop.[2][3][4][6] The grip component of this weapon is the same as the GNZ-003 Gadessa's GN Beam Saber.[3][5][19]
  • GN Vulcan
Like the Gadessa, the Gaddess has a pair of GN Vulcans, one built into the tip of each forearm.[2][6][7][9] These low-powered beam guns can be rapid-fired intermittently and have high utility value.[2][7] They are used for restricting enemy's movements, creating a barrage, intercepting missiles, etc.[2][6][7] Additionally, the GN Vulcans have extremely broad field of fire due to the forearm's wide motion range.[10]
  • GN Cutter
The two red fins on the Gaddess' upper forearms can be used as close combat weapons when covered with a thin layer of GN Field that increased their strength.[2][10] These GN Cutters are standard armament of the GNZ series, they are highly effective in combat as they can be weaponized instantly and do not need any preparatory actions.[2][9] However, they are rarely used by the Gaddess.[2]

Special Equipment & Features

  • Core Fighter
Like the GNZ-003 Gadessa, the Gaddess has an escape unit known as "Core Fighter" to increase the survivability of the mobile suit's pilot.[2][5][10] The Core Fighter consisted of the chest-mounted cockpit block and the backpack unit, which housed the mobile suit's GN Drive Tau.[2][4][5][20] During an emergency, the Gaddess' left and right back armor pieces are purged, the backpack and the connected cockpit block subsequently eject from the mobile suit's back, the cockpit block then flips up before the Core Fighter flies off at high-speed.[5][10][20] The Core Fighter can be activated by the pilot, or is ejected automatically if the pilot cannot react in time to a sudden attack that caused widespread damages to the mobile suit.[21][22]
  • Booster Unit
A pair of large booster units can be attached to the Gaddess' legs for long-range, high-speed travel, and they are also used by other GNZ series machines.[5][7][10][11] Featuring multiple attitude control verniers in the recessed areas and a GN vernier at the rear, these optional boosters are longer than the Gaddess' legs and they cover till the top of the mobile suit’s knee armor.[5][7][23] The boosters automatically attach to the mobile suit's legs using docking lasers, and are easily purged when not needed.[7][12][24]
The operating system of the Gaddess and other machines in the Gadessa series is linked to Veda, allowing these machines and their pilots to receive support from the quantum processing system, resulting in performance superior to ordinary mobile suits'.[4][8][21][25]
A system that allows a Mobile Weapon's pilot to control the machine's remote weaponry.


Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Second Season

Episode 20: Anew Returns

Shortly after Revive Revival and Anew Returner escaped from the Celestial Being’s ship, the CBS-74 Ptolemaios 2, they returned as part of a small Innovators strike force intent on capturing the GN-0000 00 Gundam while the ship and GNR-010 0 Raiser's systems were down. The strike force consisted of Anew’s new Gaddess, the new GNMA-0001V Regnant, the GNZ-003 Gadessa, and the GNZ-005 Garazzo. In the ensuing battle between the Innovators and Ptolemaios 2, Anew and her Gaddess fought the GN-006 Cherudim Gundam, piloted by her lover, Lockon Stratos.

Anew started by attacking the Cherudim several times with the Gaddess’ GN Heat Saber, causing the latter to defend with its GN Beam Pistol IIs. Anew/Gaddess was later forced back when the Cherudim went on the offensive using its pistols. However, Anew soon resumed her attack using the Gaddess’ GN Vulcans and its saber. The two mobile suits then traded multiple attacks, with neither able to get the upper hand. Anew eventually deployed four of the Gaddess’ GN Beam Saber Fangs, and Lockon responded with the Cherudim’s GN Shield Bits. Two of the fangs were destroyed by the Cherudim’s shield bits and pistols, but the fangs destroyed a shield bit in return.

The two mobile suits then engaged in close combat again, and Anew used one of her Gaddess’ fangs to destroy the Cherudim’s right leg. Immediately after, the Gaddess’ left forearm was taken out by one of the Cherudim’s GN Missiles. Despite the damages, both mobile suits remain locked in close combat as Lockon tried to convince Anew to return to his side. The Cherudim later activated its Trans-Am System, and the Gaddess was subjected to a barrage from the shield bits. While Anew was able to slice apart a shield bit using the Gaddess’ saber, she was unable to stop the powered-up Cherudim’s close range shots with its pistols and the follow-up barrage from the shield bits.

Damaged in multiple places, the Gaddess was powerless when the Cherudim stopped in front of it, with pistols and shield bits all aiming at the crippled machine. Throwing away its pistols, the Cherudim ripped out the Gaddess’ cockpit hatch and Lockon managed to talk Anew into returning to his side. Unfortunately, the leader of the Innovators, Ribbons Almark, took over Anew’s body using his Quantum Brainwave, and restarted the battle. Using the Gaddess’ saber, the Ribbons-controlled-Anew forced the Cherudim back and sliced apart most of the shield bits. The Gaddess launched its remaining three fangs and severely damaged the Cherudim easily.

Lockon pleaded for Anew to stop, but the Ribbons-controlled-Anew remained unmoved, and the Gaddess charged at the Cherudim with its saber. The Gaddess’ attack was stopped when the GN-0000+GNR-010 00 Raiser in Trans-Am mode intervened, and shot the mobile suit through its torso. As the critically damaged Gaddess fell harmless onto the Cherudim, the star-crossed lovers piloting the two machines conveyed their love for each other for the final time. The Gaddess then pushed the Cherudim away before exploding, killing Anew.




Illustrations & Artwork


Notes & Trivia

  • The model number for the Gaddess may be a reference to the MS-07 Gouf from the original Mobile Suit Gundam series, and both machines have a similarity where they used a sword that can be heated as its handheld weapon.
  • In games like the Super Robot Wars series where it is possible to save Anew Returner from her death, it is not possible to acquire this unit as a playable unit for her. Instead, she becomes a permanent part of the Ptolemaios 2 crew.


Television Series


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