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GNZ-005 Garazzo
Fast Facts
Model Number GNZ-005
Unit Type
Mobile Suit
Launched Anno Domini 2312
Manufacturer Earth Sphere Federation
Pilot Bring Stability
General Characteristics
Overall Height  ????
Weight  ????
Powerplant GN Drive Tau
Accommodations Pilot only, cockpit in torso
Armor: E-Carbon
  • Finger beam blades
Special Equipments and Features
  • GN field
Optional Equipments
  • Ejectable leg mounted GN thrusters

Combat Characteristics

This melee-type mobile suit is designed to have superior mobility and speed, which is said to undermind the common sense mobile suit development. The Garazzo has a similar appearance to the Gadessa, retaining much of the frame while adding spikes to the shoulders and knuckles, as well as adding a shield built into its left shoulder. Its armament includes beam blades stored inside the fingers of its hands, and is perfectly capable of forming a combined blade which can easily slice through 00's GN Sword II, and is also capable of producing a GN-Field. Its pilot is Innovator member Bring Stability.



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