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The GNZ-005 Garazzo (aka Garazzo) is a mobile suit introduced in season 2 of Mobile Suit Gundam 00, and is piloted by Bring Stabity and Hiling Care.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

One of the "GNZ series" of mobile suits created and used exclusively by the Innovades that called themselves Innovators, the Garazzo specialized in close combat.[1][2][3][4] It is a variant of the GNZ-003 Gadessa and retained the same basic structure, with modifications made to match its close combat specialty.[4][5][6][7] The Garazzo has excellent maneuverability and mobility, with its main and signature weapon being the GN Beam Claws emitted from its fingers.[2][4][8][9] It is also equipped with a GN Field generator in its left shoulder that generates a defensive spherical barrier, GN Spikes on various locations, as well as GN Vulcans and GN Cutters on the forearms like the Gadessa.[2][4][8][9] To protect the Garazzo's main twin eye cameras during combat, a mask slides up and covers them prior to battle.[2][9][10] The mobile suit also has a mono-eye that appears and moves along the black lines on its forehead when searching for enemies and occasionally during fights.[6][8][11][12]

The Garazzo and other GNZ series mobile suits can receive support from the quantum processing system, Veda, granting them performance superior to ordinary mobile suits'.[12][13][14] The performance of these machines was also said to be comparable to the Gundams', and this is because the technical information of the previous generations of Gundams stored in Veda served as the basis for their development.[1][2][13][15] The Garazzo was shown to be able to overpower the GN-0000 00 Gundam during a brief battle, and in another instance, it overwhelmed the GN-008 Seravee Gundam during a duel of physical strength.[8][16] While Bring Stabity's and Hiling Care's Garazzos have different color schemes, their performance is identical.[5][17] Later, stolen data from the Celestial Being made it possible for the Garazzo to utilize the Trans-Am System even though it is powered by the GN Drive Tau.[4][13][18][19] When this system is activated, the Garazzo glows red and its output is increased by three-fold for a brief period of time.[4][12][18][20]

Due to having the same basic structure as the Gadessa, the Garazzo has an identical "Core Fighter" escape unit to enhance its pilot's survivability.[2][3][4][13] This escape unit consisted of the chest-mounted cockpit block and the backpack unit, which housed the Garazzo's GN Drive Tau.[2][3][4][13] During an emergency, the Core Fighter ejects from the mobile suit's back and flies off at high speed.[4][21][22][23] Other features inherited from the Gadessa included the cockpit design, foldable feet that only unfold when ground contact is required, and GN Condensers built into the shoulders.[2][3][4][10] While the GNZ series' prototype, the GNZ-001 GRM Gundam was completed as a Gundam as its name implied, the subsequent machines, like the Gadessa and Garazzo, removed all Gundam-like appearances, except for a Gundam face that is now hidden, as the Innovators would be fighting alongside the A-Laws.[13][24] To utilize the A-Laws/Earth Sphere Federation Forces's ships and facilities, the size of the Garazzo was designed to match that of the GNX-704T Ahead, just like the Gadessa.[2][25]

For long-range, high-speed travel, the Garrazo can equip a pair of optional leg-mounted booster units that are also used by other GNZ series mobile suits.[2][4][8][26] Besides the spare Garazzos that were built to allow Bring and Hiling to return to combat after they escaped their previous unit's destruction using the Core Fighter, there were also other units assigned to Innovades working under the Innovator, Regene Regetta.[27][28][29] As one of the variants of the Gadessa, the Garazzo is also known as a "Gadessa-series" machine.[5][30][31] After the Innovators' defeat, the Garazzo and other Gadessa-series machines served as the basis for the Celestial Being's CB-002 Raphael Gundam, while the Earth Sphere Federation Forces utilized their technologies in the GNMA-Y0002V Gadelaza.[31][32][33][34]


  • GN Beam Claw
A pair of GN Beam Claws serve as the Garazzo's main close combat weapon.[2][9][13][19] The fingers of the mobile suit can emit a GN Beam Saber from their tips, and the sabers on each hand are collectively called "GN Beam Claw" due to their appearance.[1][2][8][10] Additionally, by converging the five sabers on each hand, the GN Beam Claw can take on the form of a large GN Beam Saber that is powerful enough to slice apart the GN Sword II used by the GN-0000 00 Gundam.[2][4][8][10] The Garazzo's hands are 1.5 times larger than the GNZ-003 Gadessa's due to the GN Beam Saber generator built into each finger.[2][4][10][11]
  • GN Vulcan
Built into the tip of each forearm, the pair of GN Vulcans are low-powered beam guns that can be rapid-fired intermittently and have high utility value.[2][8][9][21] They are used for restricting enemy's movements, creating a barrage, intercepting missiles, etc.[2][4][8][26] Additionally, the GN Vulcans have extremely broad field of fire due to the forearm's wide motion range.[4]
  • GN Cutter & GN Spike
The two red fins on the upper forearms can be used as close combat weapons known as GN Cutters when covered with a thin layer of GN Field that increased their strength.[2][4][9] Similarly, the spikes on various parts of the Garazzo can function as close combat-use GN Spikes when strengthened through the deployment of GN Field.[2][4][9] In particular, the brass knuckle-like GN Spikes on the back of each hand can flip over the fist when used, and were meant to improve hand-to-hand combat performance.[4][5][10][11] Both GN Cutters and GN Spikes are highly effective in combat as they can be weaponized instantly and do not need any preparatory actions.[2]

Special Equipment & Features

  • Core Fighter
Like the GNZ-003 Gadessa, the backpack of the Garazzo is physically connected to the cockpit block in the chest, and they can turn into an escape unit known as "Core Fighter", increasing the survivability of the mobile suit's pilot.[2][3][4] During an emergency, the Garazzo's left and right back armor pieces are purged, the backpack and the connected cockpit block subsequently eject from the mobile suit's back, the cockpit block then flips up before the Core Fighter flies off at high-speed.[3][4][21] The Core Fighter can be activated by the pilot, or is ejected automatically if the pilot cannot react in time to a sudden attack that caused widespread damages to the mobile suit.[14][35]
For defense, the Garazzo can generate a spherical GN Field barrier around itself when the red section on the left shoulder slides outwards to expose the slits of the GN Field generator mounted in that shoulder.[1][2][8][11] The GN Field barrier is made of GN Particles, which the GN Field generator draws from the GN Condensers built into the Garazzo's shoulders.[4][20] This barrier possesses high defensive power against various types of attacks, such as beam and physical projectiles, enabling Garazzo to deflect a beam shot from the GN-008 Seravee Gundam's Twin Buster Cannon.[2][13][16] The Garazzo's GN Field system was developed from the GNZ-001 GRM Gundam's GN Shield, and it also utilized data of the GN-005 Gundam Virtue's GN Field system stored within Veda.[2][24][36][37] There are limitations to Garazzo's usage of the GN Field as the mobile suit's GN Drive Tau, which can only produce a finite amount of GN Particles, could not sustain the barrier's high particle consumption.[2][20] Additionally, the GN Field is not impenetrable, as seen when the GN-009 Seraphim Gundam in Trans-Am mode pushed its arms through the barrier.[27]
When activated, this system releases at once all the compressed high-density GN Particles accumulated in a machine, enhancing its thrust and defensive capabilities as well as allowing it to perform at three times its normal output for a limited time.[20][38][39][40] Additionally, the entire machine will glow red and afterimages are generated during movements.[12][18][41] This system was originally usable only by the original GN Drive-equipped Gundams, but the Innovators created a version usable by their GN Drive Tau-equipped mobile suits, such as the Garazzo, after the spy Anew Returner brought back data from the Celestial Being.[13][18][20][42] However, the GN Drive Tau becomes inoperable after using Trans-Am and must be replaced, and until then, the mobile suit operates using the particles remaining in its GN Condensers.[13][42][43]
  • Booster Unit
A pair of large booster units can be attached to the Garazzo's legs for long-range travel, and they are also used by other GNZ series machines.[2][3][4][26] These boosters also enable high-speed movements, with the boosters-equipped Garazzo noted to be approaching the CBS-74 Ptolemaios 2 at a rate of 78 km/s (280,800 km/hr, around 229 times the speed of sound) in one instance.[8][4] Featuring multiple attitude control verniers in the recessed areas and a GN vernier at the rear, these optional boosters are longer than the Garazzo's legs and they cover till the top of the mobile suit's knee armor.[3][8][11][26] The boosters automatically attach to the mobile suit's legs using docking lasers, and are easily purged when not needed.[8][26][30][44]
The operating system of the Garazzo and other machines in the Gadessa series is linked to Veda, allowing these machines and their pilots to receive support from the quantum processing system, resulting in performance superior to ordinary mobile suits'.[12][13][14] Hiling Care's Garazzo and Revive Revival's Gadessa seem to have an alternate stand-alone operating system, as they were able to resume operation after their link to Veda was severed. [41][45]


For Garazzo's history and exploits, please go to Bring Stabity's page and Hiling Care's page.







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