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Template:Infobox/Mobile Weapon Ver.2The GNY-002F Gundam Sadalsuud Type F (aka Sadalsuud Type F, Sadalsuud F) is the upgraded version of GNY-002 Gundam Sadalsuud. Featured in Mobile Suit Gundam 00F and Mobile Suit Gundam 00I, its pilot includes Fon Spaak, Hixar Fermi and Hayana.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

To suit its operating needs, the Fereshte (Celestial Being's shadow support team), modified the GNY-002 Gundam Sadalsuud into the Gundam Sadalsuud Type F ('F' for Fereshte) and gave it a new paint scheme.[1][2][3] As a result of the enhancements, the Sadalsuud Type F has higher sensing capabilities, and is more battle worthy thanks to improvements in its defensive and offensive power.[1][2][3] However, it is still relatively poor at combat compared to other Gundams.[1] As with the original Sadalsuud, the Sadalsuud Type F can gather intelligence in any environment, and plays a critical role in information warfare.[4]

The Sadalsuud Type F's sensing capabilities are improved in two ways. Firstly, it can be outfitted with a Sensor Mask that has added sensor functions.[2][3][4] The mask also helps to hides its identity as a Gundam, which is important, as no one must know there are other Gundams beside those operated by the Ptolemaios team.[3][5] In line with hiding its Gundam identity, use of GN Particles by the Sadalsuud Type F (and other Fershte's Gundams) is also restricted.[5] Secondly, the Sadalsuud Type F has two large Sensor Shields on its shoulders, which are upgraded version of the original Sadalsuud's large Sensor Shield, and they feature added sensor units.[2][3] These Sensor Shields also have GN verniers for propulsion purposes, which the original does not have.[2][3][6] Since the original Sadalsuud's single large Sensor Shield is also used for defense, the presence of two upgraded shields on Sadalsuud Type F also boosted its defensive power.[1][7] During reconnaissance mission, the Sadalsuud Type F can blend into the environment using its optical camouflage system, making it invisible to the naked eye.[8]

Like the original Sadalsuud, Sadalsuud Type F has a pair of foldable head antennae.[2][3][9] Folding the top half of the antennae not only serve to protect them, but also lower water resistance when the Gundam is moving underwater.[2][3][10] Since the Fereshte only has one GN Drive initially, courtesy of the GN-000 0 Gundam that was also transferred to the team, it can only deploy one unit at a time and must switch the GN Drive amongst its Gundams.[11] Because of this, Sadalsuud Type F retains the original Sadalsuud's three-thruster cover for its GN Drive, as this design facilitates ease of changing the GN Drive within.[3][9] The Sadalsuud Type F has the same weapons as the original Sadalsuud, and can use the Trans-Am System, a feature hidden in the GN Drive's black box that is unlocked in AD 2308, to briefly boost its performance by threefold.[2][12][13]

When Celestial Being was on the brink of defeat in AD 2308, Fereshte set out to recover the equipment stored in various secret bases belonging to Celestial Being to prevent the UN Forces from finding them.[14] Following the fall of Celestial Being, the Fereshte’s Gundam Meister, Fon Spaak, instructed the use of these spare parts to upgrade the Fereshte's Gundams.[15] The upgraded Sadalsuud Type F has the ability to generate small GN Fields in a pinpoint manner over specific body areas.[2][10][16] Although this improved the Sadalsuud Type F's defensive capability, control of the small GN Fields are difficult and can only be mastered by highly skilled pilots.[2][10][16] The recovery of the Celestial Being's equipment also allowed the Sadalsuud Type F to be armed with GN-002 Gundam Dynames' GN Sniper Rifle, which is operated using a rifle-shaped controller in the cockpit.[13][16][17]

In AD 2311, based on information within Veda, a GN Drive Tau-powered replica known as the GNY-002FB Gundam Sadalsuud Type F Black was created alongside other replicas of Fereshte's Gundams (except 0 Gundam and GNY-001F2 Gundam Astraea Type F2) by the Innovators for their own purposes.[18][19] However, as Fereshte had severed its link to Veda prior to Celestial Being's defeat, the Sadalsuud Type F Black does not have the ability to generate small GN Fields like the upgraded Sadalsuud Type F.[12][18]

By AD 2312, these replicas were in the hands of ex-Fereshte members Fon Spaak and Hanayo, who repainted them in the Fereshte's colors and also gave them the same designations as Fereshte's machines.[19][20] As they are powered by the GN Drive Taus, there are more operational restrictions, such as limited operating time, and no Trans-Am System.[20][21] This second Sadalsuud Type F, created from the Type F Black, also did not display the ability to generate small GN Fields.[22] It also does not use the Sensor Mask, but has access to the GN Sniper Rifle.[20][22]


  • Beam Saber
The same close combat weapon as used by Gundam Sadalsuud. Although the saber's blade is made of pure energy, it can cross swords with solid blades as it incorporated technology that prevents repulsive diffusion of GN Particles. Has superior cutting power than the Union's and AEU's Sonic Blade as well as Plasma Sword. Two GN Beam Sabers are stored on the outer edges of the rear waist thrusters.[2][3]
  • Revolver Bazooka
Also known as 'Revolve Bazooka', it is the same range armament as used by Gundam Sadalsuud.[2][3] A rifle-like weapon that fires physical rounds, its ammunitions are contained in a revolving cylinder, and its function varies based on the type of munitions loaded.[2][3] A sensor is situated beneath the weapon's muzzle, while a rotatable secondary grip is located at the top surface.[2] Can be used for underwater combat.
  • GN Sniper Rifle
The same weapon as used by GN-002 Gundam Dynames, Fereshte recovered it alongside other equipment from Celestial Being's secret bases when the latter's defeat was imminent in AD 2308 to prevent them from being recovered by the UN Forces.[13][14][16][17] The GN Sniper Rifle has low rate of fire, but by linking up with powerful sensors, it is capable of ultra long-range sniping.[23] Can attack from outside enemy's search range, and a single beam shot from the rifle is sufficient to destroy a MS.[23] During Trans-Am, the GN Sniper Rifle can penetrate a GN Field by rapidly hitting the same point several times.[6] Has extendable bipod underneath the barrel, and the weapon is operated via a rifle-shaped controller in the cockpit, identical to the one in Dynames' cockpit.[13][17][23] Also used by the second Sadalsuud Type F, which is converted from the Sadalsuud Type F Black.[22]

Special Equipment & Features

  • Sensor Shield
Like the original Sadalsuud, Sadalsuud Type F has a movable sensor shield on each shoulder, but they are now of the same design – an improved version of the large sensor shield on the original Sadalsuud's left shoulder.[2][3][9] The Sadalsuud Type F's sensor shields have enhanced sensing capabilities thanks to two new sensors at the top of the added bulge located on the upper half of each shield.[2][3] The sensor shields also have propulsion mechanism, which the original does not have, in the form of GN verniers, one in the bottom of each shield (replacing the bottom sensor unit in the original version) and another at the back of the bulge.[2][3] As the original Sadalsuud's single large Sensor Shield is noted to be its sole defensive equipment, the Sadalsuud Type F's enhanced defensive capabilities can be attributed in part to it having two of such improved shields.[1][7]
  • Sensor Mask
Attached to the Sadalsuud Type F's face to hide its Gundam identity, ensuring that no one knows the existence of Gundams besides those used by the Ptolemaios team.[2][3][4] This removable mask also has sensor functions as implied by its name, and thus improves the suit's sensing capabilities.[3] Like the GNY-001F Gundam Astraea Type F, when the Sensor Mask is damaged and detaches during combat, the Sadalsuud Type F will kill everyone on the battlefield to protect its secret.[5] Not used by the second Sadalsuud Type F, which is converted from the Type F Black.[20][22]
A system built into the original GN Drives made by Celestial Being, it was unlocked in AD 2308 following Aeolia Schenberg's death.[12] When activated, it causes the Gundam to glow red and briefly boosts its performance by threefold.[24] Sadalsuud Type F's sensor systems also receive a performance boost during Trans-Am.[13] The second Sadalsuud Type F, which is converted from the Sadalsuud Type F Black, does not have this system as it is powered by the GN Drive Tau.
The operating system of the Gundams is linked to Veda, allowing the super computer to provide support to the Gundams and their pilots, ensuring success during missions. As suggested by Ian Vashti, Fereshte severed their links to Veda when it is evident that Celestial Being's plans were being compromised, and Sherilyn replaced the Veda-linked Operating System used in Fereshte's Gundams with a copy of the Ptolemaios team's stand-alone operation system.[12] Without support from Veda, piloting the Gundams and completing missions will be tougher for the pilots.[25] Unknown what operating system is used by the second Sadalsuud Type F, which is converted from the Sadalsuud Type F Black.
After Celestial Being's collapse in AD 2308, Fereshte's Gundam Meister, Fon Spaak, ordered the upgrade of the team's Gundams using the spare parts recovered from Celestial Being's secret bases.[14][15] The team's engineer, Sherilyn Hyde, then upgraded the Sadalsuud Type F with the ability to generate GN Field, improving its defensive power.[2][10][16] Unlike GN-005 Gundam Virtue's 360 degree spherical GN Field, Sadalsuud Type F's GN Field is small and single plane to conserve energy, and generated in a pinpoint manner over specific body areas, such as the chest and the palms.[2][10][16][13] As a result, using the GN Field in battle requires high piloting skills, as the pilot must generate it at the right area quickly, and then block the incoming attacks effectively using the GN Field's limited size.[2][10][16] The suit's head and clavicle antennae are involved in the control of the GN Field.[10] When required, Sadalsuud Type F can use more than one GN Fields simultaneously.[13] A unique application of the GN Field is that by generating it around a person, and coupling it with the GN Particles' mass reduction ability, the GN Field can be used to fly the person to and fro from the Sadalsuud Type F within an unspecific distance.[26] The GN Field is not present in the second Sadalsuud Type F, which is converted from the Type F Black.
A stealth system that blends the Gundam Sadalsuud Type F into its environment, making it look invisible.[8]
A docking port for Hanayo (a unique Haro-type robot) is fitted in the Sadalsuud Type F's cockpit.[9] This allows Hanayo to assist Fereshte's Gundam Meister, Fon Spaak, during missions.[9] Also present in the cockpit of the second Sadalsuud Type F, which is converted from the Type F Black, and it can be fitted with a normal Haro when required.[22]


Gundam 00F

With the creation Fereshte the Sadalsuud, alongside the other second generation Gundams, received a number of upgrades and modifications that would allow them to more efficiently participate in Fereshte's shadow interventions. During the years 2307 to early 2308 the Sadalsuud Type F's assigned pilot was Fon Spaak, though the aggressive criminal rarely used the mobile suit aside from a single incident where Fon was ordered to monitor the GN-002/DG014 Gundam Dynames Torpedo.

In the year 2308, after the destruction of Celestial Being, Fereshte, now in possession of two GN Drives, was given spare parts from the third generation Gundams that were used to further upgrade the second generation Gundams. The Sadalsuud received parts from the Virtue used to create GN fields, however the Sadalsuud lacked the efficiency to erect anything other than a partial field.

In the same year the Sadalsuud Type F, while it was equipped with a GN Drive, was stolen from a Fereshte Earth base by the Innovade and former Celestial Being pilot Hixar Fermi. Hixar had the ability to synch with the Sadalsuud and could use its partial GN field with great effectiveness, he could even use the GN field to manipulate his body mass and simulate flying. Hixar's reasons for stealing the Sadalsuud was so that he could more effectively carry out his mission as "Veda's eyes." Over the course of months Hixar would meet Fon Spaak several times though the Fereshte pilot never made any attempts to retrieve the Sadalsuud.

The Sadalsuud returned to Fereshte service when Hixar accepted Chall Acustica's request that he join Fereshte as a Gundam Meister and take part in the mission to hunt down the rouge Fon Spaak. Hixar was officially assigned as the Sadalsuud's pilot and he took the mobile suit with him in an Assault Container during his hunt. Hixar, which had followed Fon into space for his betrayal, tries to prevent him with the Gundam Sadalsuud. On the other hand, Fon mercilessly attacks him with the Astraea Type F2 in Trans-Am mode. Although Hixar also activates Trans-Am and fights back with the Sadalsuud.

A Black Gundam Plutone piloted by Bring Stabity appears to help out Fon Spaak. For the moment Hixar retreats. Fon announces a plan to attach an engine to an asteroid to drop it on Earth. Astraea Type F2 and Black Plutone are sortied as guards for the asteroid. There, Hixar’s Sadalsuud appears. Fon intentionally shows Bring his back to agitate him, but Bring doesn’t bite and goes after Hixar. Gundam Sadalsuud Type F battles Black Plutone Gundam while Fon sends the asteroid with a GN Drive Tau attached to it towards Earth. Black Plutone Gundam uses its GN beam rifle to take down Gundam Sadalsuud Type F, but it uses it's sensor shield to block it. Bring stops and tries to convince Hixar is an innovator. Hixar responds by going Trans-Am and shooting at him with a GN sniper rifle, but Bring blocks it with GN Field. Hixar keeps on shooting Black Gundam Plutone in exactly the same spot on the GN field over and over again until it is overwhelmed, allowing the next attack to penetrate and destroy the Gundam. Bring uses the escape pod to retreat.

Gundam 00I

In chapter 13 of Mobile Suit Gundam 00I, Hixar piloting Gundam Sadalsuud Type F (which was refitted with a GN Drive Tau) battles Beside Pain piloting CB-001.5 1.5 Gundam. Beside uses the Alvaaron Cannon Mode of 1.5 Gundam to destroy Gundam Sadalsuud Type F. Hixar uses a Haro in the cockpit to set his Gundam Sadalsuud Type F on auto drive system to escape. Hixar allows the Sadalsuud to be destroyed by Beside's CB-001.5 1.5 Gundam, allowing Hixar to jump into a GNR-000 GN Sefer and kill Beside at point blank range.


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