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The GNX-803ACC Accelerate GN-X is a Gunpla appearing in Gundam Build Fighters Amazing Ready. Based on the GNX-803T GN-XIV, it is built and piloted by Patrick Mannequin.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Used by Ireland representative Patrick Mannequin in the 8th Gunpla Battle World Championship.[1] The most unique characteristic of the Accelerate GN-X is the pair of GN Skis on its legs.[2] The GN Skis allow the suit to slide over anything composed of Plavsky Particles, so they can be used in any environment, and even on enemy's beams.[3][4][2] Furthermore, since the Gunpla Battle's battlefield is filled with these particles, the GN Skis also allow the suit to fly.[2] The GN Skis also have GN verniers at the back for acceleration.[3] Using the GN Skis' extreme maneuver to baffle its opponents, the suit can completely avoid attacks and hit opponents from unexpected directions.[2] The Accelerate GN-X wins through speed and trickery.[2]

Compared to its base Gunpla, the GN-XIV, the Accelerate GN-X also has a new head unit with better communication systems, new shoulder parts that function as attitude control stabilizers during movements, and redesigned waist parts to reduce aerial resistance.[3] Its firepower has been improved, and although its weapons are large and difficult to use, these weakness are compensated via their use in aerodynamic control.[3]


  • Shield Saber
Carried on the right arm, it is a shield that stores two beam sabers on the underside, and its shape gives it high aerodynamic control abilities.[3][4] The beam sabers can be used while attached, or be detached and handheld.[4] The two clavicle antennae at the back of the shield can be repositioned to the front, forming a scissor-like weapon with high melee combat capability.[4]
  • Shield Rifle
Carried on the left arm, it is a combination of a shield and a long barrel rifle.[3] The shield portion has high defensive power due to GN Field, while the long barrel rifle has enhanced hit rate via particle control capability.[2][3] Like the shield saber, the shield rifle is also used for aerodynamic control.[2]
  • GN Vulcan
The Accelerate GN-X has four GN Vulcans, two in the head and two in the torso.[3] The GN Vulcans fire beams at a high rate, with the torso GN Vulcans being stronger due to their higher caliber.[3]
  • GN Claw
The manipulators of the Accelerate GN-X have sharp tips, and they can be used in melee combat when enveloped in GN Field.[2]

Special Equipment & Features

  • GN Ski
A ski-like equipment mounted on the Gunpla's feet, the GN Skis are designed to slide over Plavsky Particles, and can be used to baffle opponents via actions similar to mogul skiing.[2] The GN Skis have an extremely broad range of applications, not only can they be used in any environment, they also allow the Accelerate GN-X to slide on enemy's beams.[2][3][4] The powerful GN verniers at the back of the GN Skis can swiftly accelerate the Gunpla.[2][3] The GN-XIV's feet can be mounted on the back of the GN Skis, and even replaced the GN Skis when required.[3][4] When the Accelerate GN-X is equipped with the GN-XIV's feet, the GN Skis can be stored on the shoulders.[4] The GN Ski's shoulder placement can be used for enabling even tricker maneuvers.[2]


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