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GNX-704T/AC Ahead Sakigake (aka Ahead Close Combat Type, Ahead Close Combat Type (Sakigake), Sakigake, Mr. Bushido's Ahead) is a customized GNX-704T Ahead piloted by Mr. Bushido in season 2 of Mobile Suit Gundam 00.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The A-Laws' Ahead is a highly versatile mobile suit and thus used as the testbed for custom machines as well as to search for various developmental directions.[1][2][3][4] Although this versatility also resulted in the Ahead having high performance, some of the custom machines derived from it had adopted an opposite approach, focusing on specialization.[4][5][6] This is to better counter the Gundams, whose potential lies in their specializations, causing them to remain a viable threat in certain situations.[4] An example of a custom Ahead with specialized specifications is the Ahead Sakigake.[5][6][7][8] As implied by its official name, the "Ahead Close Combat Type", this mobile suit is specialized for close combat, and it is commonly known by its development codename of "Sakigake".[1][2][5][9]

The Sakigake was developed with A-Laws' pilot Mr. Bushido in mind and modified accordingly.[1][2][3][5] Its combat style and armored, samurai-look were the results of taking his preferences and opinions into account during development.[1][3][5][7] Additionally, the mobile suit's operating system and armament placement were designed to accommodate the left-handed Mr.Bushido.[2][4][5][6] The data of one of Mr. Bushido's previous mobile suit, the SVMS-01X Union Flag Custom II, was also utilized in the Sakigake's development.[10][11] Since the Sakigake was designed for close combat, its main armament is a large, high-output GN Beam Saber, while its ranged armaments are limited to the low firepower GN Vulcans and GN Short Beam Cannons that are mainly for restricting enemy movements.[1][2][5][6] Other armaments include a backup saber, the GN Short Beam Saber, and a unique GN Shield for defense.[1][2][3][9]

To avoid interfering with the arms when the sabers are used, the pair of main thrusters on the Sakigake's back are mounted vertically instead of horizontally like the normal Ahead's.[2][5][9] Another thruster-related change is that the rear waist thruster's vents are split into left and right sections, allowing for finer maneuverability.[5] The Sakigake also has enhanced chest, shoulder and head armor, and its GN Drive Tau has a higher output setting than the normal Ahead's, hence the color of the emitted GN Particles have become closer to orange.[4][5] The horns on Sakigake's head is said to contain mechanisms for controlling GN Particles, and the cable on the back of its head is for supplying power to added equipment.[1][2][3][5] The Sakigake's data was later used in the development of Mr. Bushido's next mobile suit, the GNX-U02X Masurao, and the Ahead's successor, the GNX-Y802T Neo-Hed.[10][11][12][13]


  • GN Beam Saber
The primary close combat weapon of the Sakigake, it is a custom, large-sized GN Beam Saber designed to be wielded using both hands.[2][4][9][14] It has high destructive power, but also consumes more GN Particles.[2][3][6] As the amount of particles supplied by the Sakigake is insufficient, a GN Condenser for charging the GN Beam Saber rapidly is installed on the mobile suit's GN Shield.[2][3][6][9] The beam blade emitted by this weapon resembles the blade of a samurai's sword. The GN Beam Saber is able to slice apart the GN-0000 00 Gundam's GN Shield, and with Mr Bushido's skills, it can also be used to block beam shots.[15][16] When not in use, it can be stored on the underside of the GN Shield or on either hips.[2][5][7][6]
  • GN Short Beam Saber
A small, spare GN Beam Saber stored in a rack under the Sakigake's left chest, it emits a short beam blade and is easy to wield.[2][3][5][15] This Kodachi-like weapon also has a short operating time, but its power rivals that of a normal beam saber.[2][9] Similar to the GN Beam Saber, Mr. Bushido can use the GN Short Beam Saber to parry beam shots.[16]
  • GN Short Beam Cannon
A pair of small beam cannons built into the front of the main thrusters on the Sakigake's back.[2][5][6][9] The GN Short Beam Cannons are smaller than the GN Beam Rifle and have inferior attack power, but they have higher rapid-fire capability.[2][5] They are used for restricting enemy's movements when the Sakigake is closing in for melee combat.[2][5][6][16]
  • GN Shield
Like the GN Shield used by the normal Ahead, the Sakigake's GN Shield is made of E-Carbon and a GN Field effect is applied to its surface, allowing it to achieve high defensive capability.[2] Additionally, it has a Defense Rod mounted centrally on its surface and a dedicated GN Condenser for charging the GN Beam Saber rapidly is located at the top.[2][3][5][9] The Sakigake's GN Shield is mounted on the right forearm as its pilot, Mr. Bushido, is left-handed.[2][5][6][14]
  • 30mm GN Vulcan
As with the normal Ahead, the Sakigake has a pair of 30mm caliber beam guns built into its head.[2][3][6][9] These GN Vulcans have low firepower, but can be rapid-fired intermittently and have high utility value.[2] They are used for restricting enemy's movements, creating a barrage, intercepting missiles, etc.[2]

Special Equipment & Features

  • Energy Cable
A cable extending from the back of the Sakigake's head, it can connect to and provides power to added equipment.[2][3][8][9] Although capable of powering the mobile suit's GN Beam Saber, this energy cable is not used with the weapon as it can be unhandy.[2][5] The energy cable is retractable and stored inside the head prior to launch.[7][9] This power supply system is later inherited by Mr. Bushido's next mobile suit, the GNX-U02X Masurao.[5][17]


Please see Mr. Bushido's page for the combat history of Ahead Sakigake.






Notes & Trivia

  • The word "Sakigake" has multiple meanings in Japanese including forerunner, pioneer, charging ahead of others, etc.
  • The Sakigake is the first known non-Flag or Flag-like mobile suit that Graham has ever piloted.
  • The inclusion of "/AC" to the Ahead Sakigake's model number compared to the base Ahead's model number mirrors that of the close combat use GNX-607T/AC GN-XII Sword and its base GN-XII's model number.
  • The Ahead Sakigake's GN Shield is similar to the one used by the MSN-04 Sazabi, both have a similar shape and are used to store their primary beam sabers. This is interesting as Mr. Bushido is considered a Char Clone and the Sazabi is used by Char Aznable.


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