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The GNW-004 Gundam Throne Vier is a mobile suit appearing in Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Hakai ni Yoru Saisei Re:Build and piloted by Ali al-Saachez.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

During their creation, some of the first three Gundam Thrones' spare parts were acquired by Ribbons Almark. These parts were later used to assemble the fourth Throne unit, the Gundam Throne Vier, with the missing parts replaced by new ones designed and built from scratch. Improvements were also made, and as this mobile suit is customized for Ali al-Saachez, it displayed unmatched combat performance when he is at its helm. Although powered by the GN Drive Tau, it can activate a Trans-Am-like system known as 'Trans-Am Tau'.


Special Equipment & Features

  • Trans-Am Tau


In the alternate version of events featured in Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Hakai ni Yoru Saisei Re:Build, Ali al-Saachez recruited the Team Trinity upon orders from his boss (Ribbons Almark) and together, they caused troubles for the Celestial Being. Ali was also given the Gundam Throne Vier. During the final battle against Celestial Being, Ali was defeated and the Gundam Throne Vier was destroyed.


Notes & Trivia

  • Like its sibling units, the name "Throne" derives from a class of Angels according to Gods will who dispensed justice. Vier, is the German word for number 4.


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