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GNW-002 Gundam Throne Zwei
Throne Zwei Color
Gundam Throne Zwei
Fast Facts
Model Number GNW-002
Unit Type
Multi-Purpose Mobile Suit
Launched Anno Domini 2307
Manufacturer Linear Train Industries
Operator Laguna Harvey
Known Pilot
General Characteristics
Overall Height 18.6 meters
Weight 67.1 metric tons
Powerplant GN Drive Tau
Accommodation Pilot only, cockpit in torso
Armor: E-Carbon
  • GN Fang x 8
  • GN Handgun
  • Beam Saber x 2
  • GN Buster Sword
Special Equipments and Features
  • GN Fangs
    • Guided GN Blaster/Blade
Optional Equipments
  • GN Shield

Zwei is one of three Gundam Thrones piloted by the Trinity family. The suit was later taken by Ali Al-Saachez and used to help bring down Celestial Being.

Combat Characteristics

Throne Zwei is a multi-purpose combat mobile suit, using its GN Fangs as an offensive guile. When engaging mass units, the GN Fangs would be used to cause chaos and confusion to take advantage of the situation by either shooting and/or cutting through the mobile suits with its GN Buster Sword. Six GN Fangs are often used and a pair are held back as reserves, but should all of them be destroyed; the pilot is forced into melee combat. While the suit is meant for melee combat, it's combat potential is dramatically reduced when engaging opponents without its GN Fangs or in high speed combat.

When Micheal died and was replaced by Ali Al-Saachez, the unit tends to execute hit-and-run tactics and goes all out with it's Fangs without reservation (reflective of Ali's combat style). Zwei's melee combat capabilities dramatically improved due to Ali's CQC experience with mobile suits.


GN Buster Sword

The Buster Sword is a GN particle energized vibrational blade, similar to Gundam Exia's GN Blades. The sword is attached on the right side of Zwei's shoulder. The vibrations from the blade allows the sword to chisel/cut objects upon impact and can cut through most objects with relative ease. Unlike Exia's GN Blades, destroyed objects from the Buster Sword isn't clean-cut. Destroyed objects tend to show signs of tearing from it's dull cutting, suggesting it's weapon for smashing into objects than cutting. It's unclear if its design is capable of penetrating GN Fields like Gundam Exia's GN Blades, however E-Carbon blades infused with GN particles suggest the Buster Sword is likely to perform such a feat.

GN Fangs

Located on the waist, GN Fangs is a collection of 8 guided weapons (4 on each side) that can be used to shoot or pierce its enemies. This feature is similar to the DRAGOON system on certain Gundams of Gundam SEED and Destiny (ex ZGMF-X13A Providence, ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom, and ZGMF-X666S Legend Gundam). The Fangs double as both a beam saber and gun for stabbing/spearing into enemy mobile units and/or shooting. When deployed, the Fangs will unfold its wings for flight and attack its target(s). Depending on the pilots discretion, the Fangs will proceed to either shoot down or spear through mobile units. Due to their limited GN particle capacity, they need to return to Zwei to recharge or become inoperable.

Michael Trinity mainly uses 6 of the GN Fangs and keeps two as reserves for emergency situations, while Ali Al-Saachez goes all out on his opponents.

GN Handgun

The GN Handgun is attached to the left forearm of Zwei. While the least powerful weapon in it's arsenal, the handgun is more than capable of destroying foreign mobile units and can destroy a Gundam with a few well placed shots.

Beam Saber

The beam saber is located in the torso area of Zwei. The Throne's version of the beam saber seems to be a formidable imitation and similar or exact strength as the ones made by Celestial Being. While Zwei has a pair of beam sabers, the unit never once used them as Zwei often deploys it's Fangs and Buster Sword first.


Secret Armed Interventions

Zwei was secretly constructed without Celestial Being's operators knowledge. Zwei first appeared in Episode 16, along with the other two Thrones appeared to save the Gundam Meisters of Exia, Kyrios, Virtue, and Dynames after they deliberately entered a military exercise ground knowing it was staged to entrap them.

Defeated & Taken

Throne Zwei was effective in the battlefield against typical Earth-made mobile suits, but after the appearance of GN-X's, Throne Zwei wasn't as effective against GN powered mobile suits. Zwei's GN Fangs were destroyed when facing off HRL's GN-X squadron. Due to the overwhelming number of GN-X's after it, Zwei spent the latter days in tactical retreat. While in seclusion, Enact pilot Ali Al-Saachez found the Throne pilots with the intent of killing them. After Ali Al-Saachez killed Michael, he mysteriously was able to take control of Zwei (somehow bypassed biometric sensors) and used it to destroy Throne Eins/Johann Trinity. Ali/Zwei was about to finish off Gundam Drei when Gundam Exia intervened.

Zwei Vs Exia

Ali's exceptional piloting skills allowed him to nearly defeat Gundam Exia. With minimal GN power and only a GN Buster Sword, Ali/Zwei almost completely disarmed Setsuna/Exia and was about to finish off Exia with a black-slash when Exia activated Trans Am. Since Zwei's solar furnace is a imitation, the unit was unable to catch up with Exia's incredible speed and rapid vector movements. Ali/Zwei threw away its left 'GN Fangs' side pod to distract Exia and retreated to UN Forces for safety.

UN Forces Control

Throne Zwei was taken back to UN Forces by Ali and engineers reverse engineered Zwei's GN Buster Sword and GN Fangs for redeployment. Zwei played a significant role in destroying/damaging Kyrios, Virtue, and Dynames with hit-and-run tactics. Ali/Zwei faced off Gundam Dynames and was badly damaged after Lockon Stratos fired a particle beam on a damaged GN Cannon. the lower torso of Zwei was lost, but both pilot and what's left of the mobile suit was taken back to UN Forces for development.


In the past 5 years, Zwei's design was studied by UN Forces and later by Federation mobile suit engineers. A recently new model was sortied with striking resemblance to Throne Zwei with Ali as it's pilot, Arche Gundam. It's unclear if this particular Gundam is the rebuilt version of Zwei or merely a reverse engineered and developed mobile suit. Arche Gundam was used to destroy Azadistan.

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