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The GN-009GNHW/B Seraphim Gundam GNHW/B (aka Seraphim Gundam GNHW/B) is the heavy weapons variant of the GN-009 Seraphim Gundam and the partner unit to GN-008GNHW/B Seravee Gundam GNHW/B. Appearing in Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Special Edition 3: Return of the World, it is piloted by Tieria Erde.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

In addition to the weapons already used by the standard Seraphim Gundam, the Seraphim Gundam GNHW/B has an additional pair of GN Cannons on its hips, an extra handheld GN Beam Machine Gun, and two GN Particle Tanks to supply additional GN Particles to its weapons. The GN particle tanks are attached to the Seraphim Gundam GNHW/B's shoulders and can also act as verniers. The additional components are ejectable, should they hinder performance.


  • GN Beam Saber
Stored within Seraphim's arms is a pair of beam sabers. Just like the GN Cannons, the sabers can be used in either backpack or mobile suit mode.
  • GN Cannon
Both of Seraphim's MS arms can transform into GN Cannons, however the cannons are only useful against slow-moving and large targets. While the accuracy of the weapon is high, its lag-time to reach its target(s) prompts the pilot to often use it in shorter ranges for greater effectiveness. Two more GN Cannons are added to the hips when in the Seraphim Gundam GNHW/B form. When Seraphim Gundam GNHW/B docked with Seravee GNHW/B, the two hip-mounted GN Cannons are available to the latter, and rotate forward to augment Seravee GNHW/B's firepower.
  • GN Beam Machine Gun
A small beam gun developed for the Seraphim. When not in use, it is mounted on the leg.
  • GN Bazooka II
A weapon borrowed from the Seravee Gundam. However, since this machine is not equipped with a large GN condenser, its power is reduced.

Special Equipment & Features

  • Face Burst Mode
Seravee's rear has a hidden face behind its back, the hidden backpack form of Seraphim. Since Seraphim contains the GN Drive, it disperses excess GN particles when needed and stores the particles when Face Burst Mode isn't needed. When high GN particle output is needed, a second Gundam face reveals itself hidden under the armor pack. When the second face reveals, the lower sides of its face vents large amounts of GN particles necessary for immediate GN Field generation/regeneration and works in conjunction with Seravee's GN particle weapons for higher destructive yield. The GN particle vents also provides additional thrust for maneuvering and hauling. Face Burst Mode is the most actively used function of Seravee. For Seraphim, Face Burst Mode activates in conjunction with Trial.
A system that generates an invisible field, shutting down any mobile weapon that's connected to Veda in the field's effective range. The development of the GN-004/te-A02 Gundam Nadleeh Akwos has expanded the effective range of the trial system. Its scope is enough to cover the entire area of Lagrange 2.
  • GN Particle Tank


For more information regarding the GN-009GNHW/B Seraphim Gundam GNHW/B, please see Tieria Erde's page.


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