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The GN-001REIV Gundam Exia Repair IV (aka Gundam Exia Repair IV, Exia R4) is the upgraded version of the GN-001REIII Gundam Exia Repair III appearing in Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Festival 10 "Re:vision". It was piloted by Graham Aker.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The fourth modified version of the Gundam Exia, it is piloted by Graham after he joined Celestial Being. He nicknamed it 'Graham Gundam'. As Graham is left-handed, the overall setup of the suit's armament has been reversed.


  • GN Bayonet
A short-sword styled weapon, it can switch between Sword and Rifle mode, a pair of them are stored behind the waist.
  • GN Tachi
Named after a type of Japanese sword, it has the longest blade amongst the Exia Repair IV's weaponry. It is stored on a holster on the Exia Repair IV's back.
  • GN Battle Sword
A pair of them are stored on the Exia Repair IV's shield-like equipment, below the GN Battle Blades.
  • GN Battle Blade
A pair of them are stored on the Exia Repair IV's shield-like equipment, above the GN Battle Swords. Seems to be shorter variants of the GN Battle Swords.

Special Equipment & Features


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Notes & Trivia

  • Based on the number of its armaments, the Exia R4 finally returned to the original Exia's "Seven Swords" namesake. Ironically, it is also the only Exia variant not to wield a GN Sword.
  • The shield-like equipment on the suit's right side resembles GNT-0000 00 Qan[T]'s GN Shield, but whether it functions exactly like the latter is unknown. It is also yet to be identified in official materials, so its name is currently unknown.


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