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Please note that this is the Gundam Wiki's article on the mobile suit from SD Gundam G Generation World; if you are looking for the article on the mobile suit from Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS then you should head to ASW-G-08 Gundam Barbatos.
The GGV-000 Barbatos is one of the variants and the successor to GGF-001 Phoenix Gundam. The Barbatos made its first appearance in SD Gundam G Generation World.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Barbatos is the most powerful successor of the Phoenix Gundam, being based on the Peafowl rather than a Phoenix. The interesting factor about this mobile suit is that despite it lacking the Black Box Replication, it has higher specs and power than the GGH-001 Halphas Gundam and even destroyed it in combat. The unit's design reduces drag while in Peacock Mode and also intimidates its opponents with its feather-like wings.

The unit's standard armament consists of a standard beam saber and its most powerful long ranged weaponry: the Feather Mega Beam Cannons. These powerful beam weapons has a variable output. The unit is capable of transforming to its Peacock Mode, allowing it to execute more devastating attacks as well as gaining flight. It also has an enhanced version of the Nano-Skin System called Hyper Nano-Skin System, which allows the unit to do quick repairs faster than the Phoenix. Despite having a Gundam-like Design, the Barbatos is not considered a Gundam at all.


  • Beam Saber
The Barbatos is equipped with an beam saber, mainly used for throwing as part of its powerful attack.
  • Feather Mega Beam Cannon
The unit is armed with twelve Feather Mega Beam Cannon on it's shoulders which unfolds and fires with a high power output. It also serves as boosters when the unit is in flight and as part of its powerful attack.
  • Arm Beam Gun
  • Head Beam Shield

System Features

  • Hyper Nano-Skin System
An enhanced version of the Phoenix Gundam's Nano-Skin System, which allows the mobile suit to have quick repair faster than its predecessor.




  • In demonology, Barbatos is an Earl and Duke of Hell, ruling eighty legions of demons and has four kings as his companions to command his legions. He gives the understanding of the voices of the animals, says past and future, conciliates friends and rulers, and he can lead men to hidden treasures that have been hid by the enchantment of magicians.


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