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The GF7-023NA Gundam Freedom is a Mobile Fighter for the nation of Neo America built for the 7th Gundam Fight. It is unknown if this unit is the same as the GF2-014NA Gundam Freedom which participated in the 2nd Gundam Fight.

Technology & Combat Characteristics


  • Vulcan Gun
Two projectile guns, they are mounted in the head unit and are used for thwarting enemy movement.
  • Knuckle Crasher
Knuckle Crashers are essentially spiked gauntlets that are mounted on Gundam Freedom's forearms. When in use, they slide over each fist.
  • Freedom Shot
A handheld beam gun that can be stored on a hardpoint on the Gundam Freedom's waist when not in use. Max seems to unfavor this weapon and only used it to counter ranged attacks, he actually tosses it away before fighting Shuuji Kurosu's GF7-013NJ Yamato Gundam (which isn't armed with ranged weaponry), claiming that he didn't need it for their match.
  • Rod Club
A retractable club used as a melee weapon that resembles the clubs used by police officers. It is stored on a hardpoint on the Gundam Freedom's waist when not in use.

Ultimate Attacks

  • Lightning Finish
Gundam Freedom charges the Knuckle Crashers with energy, then unleashes it in the form of an electrically-charged punch.
  • Gale Strong-Arm Tornado Knuckle


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