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The GF13-009NFII Gundam Versailles is a Mobile Fighter for the nation of Neo France built for the 13th Gundam Fight. It's the successor to the GF13-009NF Gundam Rose and appears in the manga Super-Class! Mobile Fighter G Gundam: Shinjuku/Undefeated of the East!. The unit is piloted by George de Sand.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Neo France's second entry to the 13th Gundam Fight, it is essentially a newly built model based on the Gundam Rose's data. Like its predecessor, it is built for Medium Ranged combat albeit has changed in design and weaponry such as the exclusion of the defensive cape on the right shoulder. The overall design of the unit, however, was modeled after the French Conqueror Napoleon Bonaparte in looks and elegance.

The Gundam Versailles is armed with two standard vulcan guns like the original but it replaces both the Chevelier Beam Saber and the Rose Bits with the Chevalier Saber and Rose Saber Bits.


  • Vulcan Gun
Shell firing weapons, the vulcans are mounted in the forehead, and are used for warding off movement.
  • Chevalier Saber
A new beam saber uniquely stored in the right shoulder, it resembles a Rose Bit until used. Befitting George's style of combat, the beam saber contains a hand guard and wields the weapon akin to a rapier, using thrusting attacks to pierce his enemies.
  • Rose Saber Bit
An enhanced version of the Rose Bit, These rose-shaped autonomous weapons are launched from the Gundam's giant rose on its right shoulder and carries a single beam gun. The Gundam Versailles seems to carry a countless number of these weapons and launches them in a flurry. Unlike the Rose Bit, these can also emit a beam blade to cut down enemies.

Ultimate Attacks

  • Rose Hurricane


More Information about the Gundam Versailles can be found on George de Sand's page.

With Versailles' superior power, George manages to defeat the GF13-039NP Jester Gundam (whom he loses to in the TV series).



  • The Mobile Fighter is named after the Palace of Versailles, a prestigious historical place in Paris, France.
  • The Rose Saber Bit's ability to generate beam blades is similar to the GN-Fangs from the Anno Domini Timeline.

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