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The GF13-006NAII Gundam Max Revolver is a Mobile Fighter for the nation of Neo America built for the 13th Gundam Fight. It's the successor to the GF13-006NA Gundam Maxter and appears in the manga Super-Class! Mobile Fighter G Gundam: Shinjuku/Undefeated of the East!. The unit is piloted by boxer Chibodee Crocket.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Neo America's second entry to the 13th Gundam Fight, it is essentially a newly built model based on the Gundam Maxter's data. Many of the Maxter's design and combat specifications were improved over the new unit such as an increased power output and change of appearance, which resembles more of a cowboy from the wild west movies. The Core Lander is still retained from the mobile fighter's design.

Like the Maxter, the Max Revolver is designed to be a close combat suit. It lacked the vulcan guns like the other Mobile Fighters and the trademark shield but retains its Gigantic Magnum for long ranged combat. It's close combat weaponry is changed differently from the Maxters as it's now equipped with two Revolver Knuckles on both shoulders. The Revolver Knuckles can also move to the back of the shoulders when the mobile fighter enters close combat mode and the chest plate can be ejected.


  • Gigantic Magnum
  • Revolver Knuckle
A new close combat weapon developed for the Max Revolver, it is essentially two giant magnum rounds equipped on the shoulders of the unit. The Revolver's function is to increase the impact of the punches the Max Revolver makes by spinning the rounds in each punch. In close combat mode, Revolver Knuckles move to the back of the shoulders.

Ultimate Attacks

  • Cyclone Punch
  • Burning Punch
  • Burning Machine Gun Punch


More information of the Gundam Max Revolver can be found on Chibodee Crocket's page

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  • While the Gundam Maxter's design seemed to be modeled after football players, the Max Revolver seems to be designed after cowboys featured in Western films.

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