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G3 Gas Dispenser

G3 Gas, also known as "GG Gas" or "G3 Poison Gas" is a potent, fast-acting, and lethal Chemical Weapon developed by the Principality of Zeon and used during the One Week Battle up until the Antarctic Treaty and was one of the leading causes of civilian fatalities during the One Year War. It was later appropriated and used by the Titans.

History and Application

Initially, the G3 would be delivered by a single MS-05 Zaku I which would burst through the side of a colony before firing off one of the missiles from the weapon pictured that contained its deadly payload. One or two of these missiles from a single Zaku appeared to be enough to eliminate the population of an entire colony except for those people protected within a vacuum-sealed space suit, making the weapon highly effective and requiring little manpower to deliver. Ensign Shiro Amada was within a suit and witnessed the horrors the gas caused. Amuro Ray witnessed the lingering aftereffects of the gas later in the war on a devastated colony.

The effects of the gas were so hideous that it was banned from use at the Antarctic Treaty. However, it was later used by the Titans at the "Colony 30 Incident" during the Gryps Conflict. The AEUG later appropriated one of these colonies to demonstrate to those they sought to enlist in order to show them the AEUG's purpose. The Titans attempted to deploy G3 Gas several times throughout the Gryps Conflict with the AEUG fighting valiantly to oppose them each time.


The gas is fast-acting and can kill within seconds, causing rapid loss of motor control and the skin to slough off of those who are close to the site of dispersal. Likely making the gas a potent combination of Nerve and Blister agents such as Mustard Gas, VX Gas, Novichok agents (which are reported to have been far more effective than the VX series; being able to defeat any protective NBC gear developed by NATO countries during the 1970s-1980's, this may have explained why Shiro Amada, who was wearing a completely sealed space suit was able to survive or a different type of agent altogether). To those further away, death also came quickly and seemed to be in such a way that the people did not realize what was happening and died doing whatever they previously had been doing before the attacks. This widespread and horrendous devastation cost millions their lives and led to the eventual outlawing of its use.

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