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The G-Sky is one of the different combinations of the RX-78-2 Gundam and its support unit, the G-Fighter in Mobile Suit Gundam

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The G-Sky configuration combines the FF-X7 Core Fighter with the "Bottom Flyer" of Gundam and G Parts B (four engine fuselage of the G-Fighter).


  • 25mm Vulcan Gun
Equipped on the nose of the Core Fighter. While essentially ineffectual against mobile suits' armor, they are useful in intercepting incoming missiles/rockets, destroying mobile suit sensors, and engaging lightly-armored vehicles.
  • 4-shot Anti-Ship Missile Launcher
Two missile launchers are located in the Core Fighter's main body, one in the left and the other in the right side. The launchers are open-hatched design, and pops up from the top surface when in use.
  • AIM-79 Air-to-Air Missile
The two missile launchers are loaded with the AIM-79 air-to-air missiles, which are used for bombardment or dealing damage to heavily armored enemies that the vulcan guns are incapable of.
  • AIM-77D Air-to-Air Missile
In addition to the missile launchers, an AIM-77D air-to-air missile can be mounted optionally on each wing via the wing pylons, thus augmenting the Core Fighter's air-to-air combat capacity.


This was only seen during the Federation's Operation Odessa. The only difference with the G-Sky Easy configuration is that Gundam's Bottom Flyer and Core Fighter were not used, instead Guntank's core fighter piloted by Hayato Kobayashi would be used with G Parts B.


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