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G-Saviour Sound Cinema is a radio drama series broadcast on Japanese FM stations prior to the G-Saviour film. Set in the Universal Century, it is a series of three stories that take place before the events of the film, serving as a prequel. These were released on CD in December 2000 by Pioneer LDC.


G-Saviour Sound Cinema 01: Red Wings of Icarus

Former CONSENT pilot Andy Sinclair meets a blind girl named Elicia Erg who lives in an agriculture district controlled by the Congress of Settlement Nations. Rebel group "Club Four" fights against the corrupt CONSENT government in the area.

G-Saviour Sound Cinema 02: Before the Mission

Abner Saviour, a CONSENT engineer and pilot, is disciplined for poor conduct and dismissed. The Illuminati invite him to join their Saviour mobile suit development team. He is tasked with aiding in the development of the Illuminati's latest mobile suit, the G-Saviour.

G-Saviour Sound Cinema 03: Deep Sea Prometheus

Maurice Riva, a New York University student, is the star of the college baseball team. His father, Doctor Riva, is working on research concerning biouminescence, which could revitalize the Earth's agricultural capabilities. However, Doctor Riva is soon assassinated by the Congressional Armed Forces, who seek to suppress this discovery.




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