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A list of locations in the Future Century that the 13th Gundam fights take place, listed in alphabetical order.

Guyana Highlands

A mountainous region along the northern coast of South America, in what was once the nation of Guyana. This was where the young Domon Kasshu trained under Master Asia, and he returns here to prepare himself for the tournament's League Finals.


A city in Neo Turkey, where Rain Mikamura is reunited with her college sweetheart Saette Gyuzelle and Domon Kasshu battles the GF13-052NT Minaret Gundam.


A city in Neo Japan, from which Domon Kasshu is taken back to the Neo Japan space colony for evaluation.

Lantau Island

An island adjacent to Neo Hong Kong, which serves as the battlefield for the Battle Royale which culminates the 13th Gundam Fight.


A city and former capital of Neo England, where Domon Kasshu battles the GF13-003NEL John Bull Gundam.

Neo China

The nation corresponding to modern-day China, where Domon Kasshu battles the GF13-011NC Dragon Gundam.

Neo Egypt

The nation corresponding to modern-day Egypt, where Domon Kasshu and Sai Saici battle the revived GF4-001NE Pharaoh Gundam IV.

Neo Hong Kong

The nation which triumphed in the 12th Gundam Fight, and now hosts the League Finals of the 13th tournament. A number of dedicated fighting rings have been set up across Neo Hong Kong for this event, including one atop Victoria Peak, one on Queens Road East, and a floating platform in the middle of Hong Kong's famously scenic harbor.

Neo Japan Space Colony

The space colony associated with the terrestrial nation of Neo Japan. Like most of Earth's elites, the ruling classes of Neo Japan have relocated to this space colony, which now serves as the nation's capital. Its whimsical shape is an homage to the islands which make up Japan itself.

Neo Mexico

The nation corresponding to modern-day Mexico, where Domon Kasshu battles the GF13-049NM Tequila Gundam.

New York City

A city in Neo America, where Domon Kasshu battles the GF13-006NA Gundam Maxter.

Niagara Falls

A popular tourist destination at the borders of Neo Canada, where Domon Kasshu battles the GF13-037NCA Lumber Gundam.


A city and former capital of Neo France, where Domon Kasshu battles the GF13-009NF Gundam Rose.


A city and the former capital of Neo Italy, where Domon Kasshu descends to Earth on the eve of the Gundam Fight and battles the GF13-055NI Neros Gundam.


A district of Neo Japan's city of Tokyo. Domon Kasshu and his former teacher Master Asia, come to Shinjuku's aid when it's besieged by the legions of the Dark Army.

Siberian Plateau

A cold, desolate region of Neo Russia, where Domon Kasshu battles the GF13-013NR Bolt Gundam.

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